1. Adding Users

  • On the Profile Editing page, scroll down to the section Users.
  • Either: Add an individual user by clicking Add User and selecting a user from the dropdown menu. If the dropdown menu is empty, go to My Wavebox > People > Buy Seats to add users.
  • Or, click on Add Team to add all users from a team in one go.
  • User: In the pop-up window you will find a dropdown of available users.  If there are no users then you will need top purchase seats and/or allocate seats to new users, which you can do in the People section.
  • Send Email Invite:  You can check this box now or do it after setting permissions (recommended).  Click Save to finish.

2. Setting User Permissions

  • Check the boxes to add/remove permissions for each user.  Any changes you make here are activated in real-time:
  • Admin - Has full permission to access and edit the Live Profile from their My Wavebox portal.
  • Read Only - The user can/cannot change the Live Profile, e.g., add/remove groups/apps.  However, new tabs are allowed.
  • Connect - The user can DM, chat, call, and screen share with other profile users.
  • Brainbox AI - The user can/cannot use the Brainbox generative AI co-pilot.
  • Profiles - The user can/cannot create other Profiles.

3. Inviting Existing Users

  • If you included passwords in the live Profile, safely share the master password with the user, e.g., using WhatsApp.
  • At the same time, let them know that a new Profile is now available in their Wavebox Profile's menu (top right).

4. Inviting New Users

  • If a user has not yet created a Wavebox account, click the edit icon next to their name to bring up the User Edit box. Then check the box to send an email invite.
  • The email invite will include a link to the Wavebox download page and they must login using the same email address the invite was sent to.
  • If the correct email is used, Wavebox will launch with the Live Profile ready to use.
  • Again, if you included passwords in the Live Profile, safely share the master password with the user, e.g., using WhatsApp.
  • Note that users can join the Live Profile from any computer and from multiple computers, e.g., Home laptop and office PC.

Up Next

Need Help?

Wavebox Live is a brand-new service, so bugs are possible.  Please report any bugs to support(at)wavebox.io, and we will investigate them immediately.

If you want to help test Live Profile, please send a request to support(at)wavebox.io, and we will enable it in your My Wavebox.  You can easily test Live Profiles alongside existing profiles to ensure continuity during this initial trial period.