We're delighted to announce the launch of our new Admin Portal, plus a re-launch of Wavebox for Teams.  Wavebox is the only browser to offer built-in team and remote working tools.  From managing web apps to sharing your screen, Wavebox for Teams is by far the most productive way for businesses to work online.

🎉 New Admin Portal

Managing your account and subscription is now easier

From Tuesday 7th, February, you can manage your subscription, plus your team subscriptions using the new Admin Portal. Click on the Settings Gear (bottom-left) followed by My Wavebox to launch the portal. If you're reading this KB in Wavebox, just click here.

From the Admin Portal you can:

  • Edit your account details (login email, preferences, profile backups)
  • Manage your subscription
  • Buy seats and add/invite people
  • Manage team subscriptions and edit billing details
  • Manage teams and users
  • Add and manage team templates for easier onboarding.
2-7th February. You can access the new Admin Portal by going to Settings > My Wavebox > My Wavebox Account (button).

Important Changes to Team Billing

Team Billing and Connect Teams have been merged

We will automatically upgrade the following Pro users to the new Wavebox for Teams plan at their current Pro rate. (This includes grandfathered 1 and 2 plans and edu/org discounts).

- Pro users who have Consolidated Billing
- Pro users who are part of a Connect team

👨‍💻 Please send any billing inquiries to support@wavebox.io.

  • Consolidated billing (subscription payment and management) and Connect Teams have been unified to make both easier to manage.
  • The 14-day team trial has been replaced with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • There is a new Wavebox for Teams price plan.  Team seats start at $15 per month with discounts for annual billing and multi-seat purchases of 5+.
  • Connect, Shared Dashboards, and Consolidated Billing are now exclusive to the Wavebox for Teams plan, with a Fully Managed Service coming soon.
  • All team members must have a team subscription paid for by the same business.
  • As before, you can create as many teams as you like within your business account, and users can join multiple teams.


The new billing portal goes live for testing on Thursday 2nd, February, and Wavebox for Teams will go out in a release on Tuesday 7th, February.

Existing subscriptions should not be affected. But please contact support@wavebox.io with any questions or issues, which will be dealt with swiftly.

So, What's New?

There are some new features in this exciting release:

  • Manage Profile Sync and Backups (rename & delete)
  • Manage Templates (rename & delete)
  • Easier Team admin and billing
  • Easier Team onboarding flow