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Bring all your web resources together for every project.

By building the ultimate web app client for the world's greatest apps, we're taking workspaces to the next level of productivity. Organize projects, onboard new hires, create custom new tab pages, and so much more...

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Use Wavebox to work seamlessly across all these project tools.

Kickstart your Workflows.

Create workspaces for projects, teams & clients.

Keep workspaces private or share with a team.

Bring together apps, websites, web documents and files.

Real-time cloud-sync for shared workspaces.

Use any workspace as the new tab page for each container.

Pin to a group with easy access from the webdock.

Bring projects into focus.

Workspaces offer a unique way to bring disparate web resources together under a common theme. Use your workspaces as a dashboard for each project/department/client, and as a place to focus and work in context.

Explore the widget library

All your data together.

Use the Collection widget to organize your scattered web resources. Add more resources on the fly by right-clicking on any page or link.

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Links work between apps.

Our unique Link Engine presents a ground-breaking way of working across apps. It makes links work between them, so you can stay in context whilst you work. So if you click on an AirTable link in Slack, it will open in AirTable!

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Calmer workspace

Calmer workspace

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Outstanding support

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Totally awesome

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Widget Library

Create, resize & customize!

Build the ultimate workspace for your projects using widgets from our unique library. Our widgets are easy to use, multifunctional, and always up-to-date.

Build the ultimate workspace using widgets

Ready in Seconds

Click on 'Add Widget' button in any workspace and choose one from the library. It will instantly appear on the workspace ready for editing.

Resize & Position

Drag your widgets to reposition them in the workspace using gridlines as a guide. Drag on a corner handle to resize it.

Move & Remove

Bring up a widget's settings menu by clicking on the cog icon in the top-right corner. There are options to move a widget, and add it to another workspace.

Pop-Out to the Desktop

Make your widgets always visible by popping them out to your desktop. You can edit your sticky notes, tick off your tasks even when you're not in the workspace!

Keep Private or Share

Keep widgets for yourself or share with your teammates. Share an awesome app workflow using the Collection widget, and share your thoughts with sticky notes, tasks.

Widgets in multiple workspaces.

The same widget can be used in multiple workspaces - wherever it is, it will always be up-to-date.

Search across everything.

Add a search widget to any workspace to have easy-access to Wavebox's unified search. Results are shown for apps, tabs, widgets, bookmarks, etc. There's a multiple-Gmail search function too.

Explore Wavebox features

Take notes and create task lists.

Concentrate on work and not navigation by bringing everything together in one place. Add anything from Wavebox and the web in seconds: apps, weblinks, online documents.

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Jumpstart workflows with every new tab.

Jump into any workflow by creating new tab pages that are relevant to the work you're doing, such as relevant sticky notes, task lists, and customized unread lists.

Discover Workspace widgets

Nuggets of Cleverness!

Keep them private, share with your team, and pop-out to your desktop. Customize your workspaces with handy widgets from our library.

RSS Feed.

Get real-time updates from your favorite news source by adding an RSS widget to your workspace. Simply paste in any RSS URL and off you go, and pop-out to your desktop so you're always up-to-date. Get started >

Have any RSS feed on your new tab page
Customize a list for all your unread items

Customizable Unreads.

Need an unread list just for chat & messaging apps? No problem. You can customize any Unreads widget to include a particular set of apps. 5 facts about our widgets >

Desktop App Launcher.

Choose the Web Desktop App widget to display icons for your favorite apps in any workspace. Read the blog >

Install any website as an app on your computer
Quick one-click calls to your team

Team Activity & Connect.

Pop-out the Connect modal so you can chat and call as you work across every app on your computer. The Team Feed widget provides a real-time list of activity for a particular team. Learn about Connect >

Save tabs to use again.

Doing some research? If you have a bunch of tabs open in any Wavebox window, you can save them in a Collection widget to use again later. Just right-click and select 'Send all tabs to workspace'.

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Save all your tabs to use again later
Bring all your web reources together for one customer

A workspace for each customer.

Stay organized across all your customer accounts by creating a workspace for each, with shortcuts to websites and links to apps. Add task lists and handy sticky notes to help you keep track.

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Quickly onboard new people.

Workspaces and templates are a surefire way to onboard new team members quickly. Whether they're a new hire or joining a team, they can instantly access all the apps they need to get up and running quickly.

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Use workspaces for onboarding new teammates
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