There are currently 4 icons in the titlebar (top right). These are:

  1. 🌐 New Window (globe icon) - Instantly launch a new secondary window by clicking on the globe icon. Tabs in secondary windows behave more like Chrome, and you can import/use your Chrome bookmarks too.
  2. 📋 Mini Menu (list icon) - Instantly pop-out the Mini Menu and drag to anywhere on your monitor.  The Mini Menu remains active even when you're not using Wavebox, so you can always keep up-to-date with the latest notifications.
  3. 🧭 Navigator (compass icon) - If you hear the fans starting to whirr, then quickly check Navigator to find the hungry app/tab. Reorder the thumbnails by RAM to see which apps are using the most memory, and if you're not using them, you can snooze or close them in on click.
  4. 🔍 Quick Switch & Search (magnifying glass icon) - Put simply its, a control panel for all your most recently used items, including apps, tabs, pins and windows.  So if you do get distracted, or can't find a file you were recently working on, you can find them here in a snap. Refer to the screenshot above to see a breakdown of the Quick Switch & Search panel, where you can:
  • Keyword search - type a keyword into the search field to bring up matches for all apps, tabs and pins.  Then use your keyboard up and down arrows to select one of the results and then enter to go to it.
  • App switch - shows 6 of your most recently used apps.  Use the left and right arrows to select an icon, and enter to go to it.
  • Recents list - under the 6 icons is a list of the most recently used tabs. Use the up and down arrows to select one of the results and then enter to go to it.

Tip: You can also bring up the Quick Switch & Search panel using the keyboard shortcut (mac)Ctrl+S, (Linux, Windows)Alt+S.  You can edit this shortcut in Settings > General > Keyboard Shortcuts > Application > Open WB Quick Switch.