The best ad blockers in 2022

Looking to block ads? This is our rundown of our most highly rated ad blockers for Wavebox

The best ad blockers in 2022

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with advertising, it can be difficult to escape the never-ending stream of targeted ads and pop-ups. Though we have become accustomed to this level of marketing, it can be easy to forget that we have the power to control what we see. By using an ad blocker, we can take back control of our browsing experience and eliminate distractions.

There are a number of reasons why using an ad blocker is a good thing. For one, it can improve your browsing speed by blocking unwanted ads and pop-ups. It can also protect you from malware and phishing attempts that are often hidden in ads. And perhaps most importantly, it can help to create a more positive online experience by reducing the amount of intrusive and irrelevant advertising.

With this in mind, maybe you're looking to block ads when using Wavebox, the great news is, that because Wavebox is built on Chromium, you simply install an ad blocker from the web store 👍

uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is a free and open-source, cross-platform browser extension for content-filtering, blocking trackers, malware sites and ads. uBlock Origin is designed to be lightweight and efficient. It uses less memory and CPU than other ad blockers. It's available for a wide range of browsers.

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AdGuard takes a multi-prong approach to blocking ads, offering a browser extension and a desktop app.

AdGuard browser extension

If you choose to use the browser extension, it's open-source and able to block ads and tracking systems, cleaning up & speeding up your browsing experience. It focuses on advanced privacy protection features preventing sites building a shadow profile of you and your browsing patterns.

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AdGuard desktop app

If on the other hand, you choose to go for the AdGuard desktop app, it offers advanced protection across all kinds of apps and browsers. This means if you're using a desktop app, that maybe doesn't support extensions or have built-in ad blocking, you can still block those ads using the AdGuard desktop app. The desktop app requires a premium subscription which is $0.99 per month, or $4.99 for the year.

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Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is a free, open-source ad blocker extension that blocks all annoying ads on the web. It is one of the most popular ad blockers on the Chrome web store, with over 10 million users.

As well as blocking ads, it also blocks tracking cookies and malicious scripts that can track your online activity. Adblock Plus makes browsing the web more enjoyable by blocking these annoying ads. It also supports an Acceptable Ads feature, that allows non-intrusive ads to still display on some pages and helps support websites.

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AdBlock (no relation to Adblock Plus) is a free and open-source content filtering and ad blocking extension, it blocks ads and intrusive content by default and offers a number of customization options to power users. It has been used by millions of users worldwide since its release in 2009, and is one of the most popular extensions on the Chrome Web Store.

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Ghostery, like the other extensions mentioned, removes ads from webpages, however its real power is the privacy protection features. You can use the extension to anaylize which sites are tracking your and who is trying to collect information on your browsing activity.

Ghostery is open-source and includes a free tier as well as a paid tier for $4.99 monthly. The paid tier offers advanced privacy protection and insights.

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What are the best ad blockers?

All of the ad blockers in our list rank really highly with our team and by the number of downloads o the Chrome Web Store. In our tests, all the ad blockers removed all the ads we'd expect to see blocked, so a lot of which one you use is down to personal preference.

That said, if you're looking for browser ad blocking with a real focus on performance, we would recommend uBlock origin.

If you're seeing ads in apps other than Wavebox, then AdGuard has some unique features by offering their desktop app.

All in, it's very much down to personal preference, why not pick one and give it a trial run!

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