Your Work Browser

Browser, redefined.

Wavebox is a powerful Chromium browser like no other. It's secure, fully customizable, and has all the features you need to work better across your favorite online tools. Wavebox is the ultimate productivity hack.

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Join the 5,000+ organizations using Wavebox to be more productive online.

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What users say about Wavebox:

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Wavebox testimonial

Wow, @waveboxio 10 is an impressive improvement to an already excellent product. They are using Chromium to do Chrome even better than Chrome and I’m just like 🙏

Gabe Paez

Wavebox testimonial

Wavebox has saved me a lot of time. Highly recommend setting up groups and profiles. By sandboxing cookies in chrome it keeps different accounts persistent.

Eiso Kant

Wavebox testimonial

@waveboxio You have convinced me, I have subscribed well before the trial finished. Great product —written in the Wavebox Twitter app!

Cameron Bailey

YOUR SMART Work Browser

Workspace, redesigned.

Wavebox isn't just another browser, far from it. We've taken Chromium, and supercharged it with essential features like multi-account sign-in, tab sleeping, and shared workspaces. Wavebox lets you work swiftly and securely across all your online tools, and will transform how you work on the web.


Nice & tidy.

Create an organized desktop for all your web apps.

Need to open a Trello link in Drive, then check all your clients' Gmail accounts? No problem! Wavebox lets you build streamlined app workflows so that you can work smarter in your favorite tools. With everything at your fingertips, you'll work faster and achieve more in Wavebox.

Stay signed-in.

Save 90 minutes* per day with Wavebox.

Wave goodbye to chaotic and time-consuming tab toggling, and signing in-and-out of accounts just to get work done. Sign-in once and stay signed-in, even multiple instances of the same account like Gmail, Office 365, and Slack. (Source: 2020 WB User Survey)

DownloadLearn about cookie profiles
Add multiple accounts of the same type to Wavebox, such as Gmail or Slack

Never miss a thing.

A unified inbox for all your emails, chats and apps.

Imagine catching up with what’s new across ALL your apps, without a single click - that's Wavebox. Desktop notifications, unread badges, and a unified view of everything new means you're always up-to-date.

Smooth, seamless workflows.

Give your web apps room to shine!

Break free from bloated browser tabs and give those fans a well-earned rest! Wavebox cleverly sleeps inactive apps and manages your computers memory to ensure that everything keeps running, exactly as it should. Work swiftly between apps and keep track of tabs and windows using our pop-out, unique CPU Navigator display.

DownloadMore about Navigator

Smarter working for teams and individuals.

Share app workflows with your team

Share workflows.

Create and customize a workspace with all your company's key tools. Then share with your team in just a few clicks.

Wavebox helps bring remote workers together

Better collaboration.

See who's online, and if they're available. Then chat, call and screen share as you work.

Easily onboard your team and boost productivity

Easy onboarding & billing.

Make life simpler by managing your team subscriptions together, and get in touch for discounts on teams of 5 or more.

One-click connections.

Free & encrypted remote working tools.

Need to chat and screen-share as you work across Slack, Trello, and ClickUp? Thats easy. Wavebox has built-in messaging, audio/video calling, and screen-sharing, so there's no links or meeting codes, just one-click connections.

A browser with brains.

Bringing AI to your everyday working.

Currently in Beta is Brainbox - our clever AI assistant that's powered using OpenAI technology. Available across every app in Wavebox, you can follow Brainbox's suggestions to save time throughout your day.

We bring powerful AI technology to everyday working.

Save on apps, services & extensions.

Replace piecemeal services with our all-in-one solution.

With so many valuable features already in Wavebox, you can replace existing paid-for services, Electron apps, and extensions with one complete solution e.g. memory management, tab organizing, notifications, and multi-account sign-in extensions are no longer needed.

Fully customizable.

Keep it super-simple, or make Wavebox your own.

Add Chrome extensions (including themes), upload your own icons, rearrange toolbars, change sleep settings, customize notifications, add pins, import passwords/bookmarks from Chrome, and so much more.

New browser, new normal.

Whether you work from the office or at home, make the change today with a 7 day free trial of Pro. No credit card required.

5000+ teams worldwide---------latest chromium updates---------rated 4.5 on TrustPilot