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Join the wave of next generation web-desktop communication tools.


From web to desktop, in one neatly packaged app

Wavebox lets you bring all your web tools together for faster, smarter working.

A new home for your web tools

Wavebox makes your webmail and online communication tools feel right at home on your desktop.

The best of the web, plus more

Wavebox retains the best web features whilst adding great extras that you can’t get online.

Love custom? Add your own extras

Wavebox is open-source on Github, so there’s nothing stopping you changing it and making even better!

Online accounts galore!

Linking your favourite web tools to Wavebox is super-easy, and all have full notification support.

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Wavebox Features

Supports extras

Extras provided by your favourite online tools, such as storage, calendars and task management, are all supported.

Add links

De-clutter your desktop by adding links to your favourite networks, such as company Intranet, Facebook and Newsfeeds.

Multiple accounts

Easily switch between your accounts, so no more waiting, alt-tabbing or losing your place between screens.


Wavebox can 'sleep' any account and sit quietly in the background whilst still keeping you up to date on new notifications.

Cross platform

Works great on OSX, Windows & linux -there's no reason to ever type gmail.com into your browser again!

43+ Dictionaries

Use spellcheck in your native language with simultaneous suggestions and corrections in multiple languages.

Keyboard shortcuts

Supports all your existing keyboard shortcuts. No need to learn anything new or use new alien combinations.

Quietly hidden

Wavebox gives you the option to get out of your way, and lets you choose what (if any) UI you want to see.

Never miss a thing

Wavebox integrates seamlessly with your operating system to keep you perfectly up-to-date.

Desktop Notifications

Need to know when your mail arrives? Not a problem. Wavebox will send a friendly notification to your desktop.

Unread Badges

Keep track of unread messages in your dock or taskbar with badges - one glance lets you know if your inbox is overflowing or at zero!

Tray Access

Wavebox adds new information into your tray, providing an instant overview of your unread messages & notifications.

Built on technology you already use & trust

Wavebox is built on top of technologies that you already use everyday. It does this to leverage all the hard work that developers around the world have put into their projects and to deliver the most reliable stable experience to you when you use Wavebox.


The same open-source web browser used by Google Chrome, it powers everything you see and do in Wavebox and gives it the stability and speed that you expect


Powering thousands of desktop apps already, the open-source electron project is built by the team at GitHub and allows Wavebox to integrate seamlessly with your Operating System


Providing a fast responsive User Interface, Wavebox uses the open-source React library from Facebook to build and provide its user interface

Following the success of WMail

Crafted by the original creators of the open-source WMail project. Wavebox is open-source and builds on the amazing achievements of WMail whilst adding support for many more services and tools.

Here are some benefits of using open-source software:


You can build open-source Wavebox and tweak it to suit your needs. If you think someone else will find it useful, open a pull-request so everyone can benefit!

Security & trust

What better testament is there to security than open-source software? Get to see the exact code that's running on your machine - no more security through obscurity!


We're proud of Wavebox and this pride runs all the way through to the source code. Wavebox isn't just a swanky website, it's great all the way down so why not show it off?

A Wavebox to suit everyone

It's Wavebox, but your way. You can customise your notifications, how your Tray icon looks, what to do with downloaded files, and so much more. Just open the settings dialog and fiddle to your heart's content!

Enough blurb, ready to give it a whirl?

Use basic for free, or trial Pro for 14 days