Stay focused and be more productive when working online.

A distraction-free Chromium browser for fast and focused working across all your daily web SaaS apps and websites.

Wavebox ♥ Windows, Linux and macOS

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Organize all your SaaS apps using the Wavebox dashboard

All your SaaS Apps.

Connect all your key SaaS tools and websites using our Directory or paste in any URL.

Better Workflows.

Use the dashboard and sidebar groups to organize your apps and create faster workflows. 

Stay Signed-In.

No more tabbing or signing in-and-out. You can stay signed-in to multiple accounts in any app.

Stay connected.

Keep the conversation flowing as you work across your best tools. Audio, video, chat and screen sharing. Join the beta >

Join the 5,000+ organizations using Wavebox to work better online.


With all the right tools at your fingertips, you’ll feel less stressed and achieve more at work.

Are you struggling to focus when working online? Are you looking for ways to have a more productive workday?
 Introducing Wavebox, a purpose-built work browser offering a distraction-free, organized space for working across all your daily web tools and apps.  Replace ‘too many browser tabs’ with our fast and efficient Chrome alternative, and feel happier and more organized when working on the web.

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A focused place to work.

Add any app or paste in a web link.

Connect your favorite web apps, emails, sites, services, and Chrome extensions, then quickly switch between them to create lightning-fast workflows. Wavebox is fully customizable, so you can get everything organized in a way that suits your workflow. Use Chrome for home and Wavebox for work.

Use Chrome for home and Wavebox for work
increase visibility across all apps

Improve work efficiency by staying signed-in.

Constantly signing in-and-out of web apps is slow and time-consuming. With Wavebox, everything is in one place and always signed-in. Have all your essential resources just a few clicks away, and having easier navigation between apps and tools will help you concentrate and get more done.

Work confidently across multiple accounts e.g. Gmail, Microsoft & Slack.

Wavebox uses cookie profiles to provide a safe and structured environment for handling multiple accounts of the same type. It correctly sandboxes your accounts, such as multiple Gmails and Office365s, to ensure there are no complications when working between them.

Login to multiple Gmail accounts with Wavebox
Get a unified view of everything that's new across all your SaaS apps

Know you’re all caught up, in just one glance.

With all your apps in Wavebox, there’s no need to log in-and-out of accounts to find out what’s new. Unread badges and desktop notifications will keep you informed as you work, and use the Dashboard activity monitor to see everything that’s new.


Work remotely, but stay connected.

Send a quick DM, jump on a chat, start a video call, or share your screen – Wavebox will soon support remote working tools with multi-user control for all Pro subscribers. You’ll know who is online and what they’re working on. It’s just like being in the office! Join the Connect beta >

Keep the conversation going as you work together across all your SaaS tools

How Wavebox can help you.

Do you spend much of your day switching between SaaS apps in your browser and on your desktop? Then save time, and enjoy a faster computer by switching to Wavebox. Identify which SaaS user you are then follow the simple set-up guides to get started.  Read the full ‘Which SaaS User Are You’ blog post >

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Use all your Chrome extensions.

Add anything from the Chrome web store.

If you rely on Chrome extensions to get work done you can add them in just a couple of clicks. From AdBlockers and themes to password managers and collaboration tools, you can add anything directly from the Chrome web store e.g. Dashline, Salesforce, 1Password X, Zoom, Todoist, Docsify, Clearbit, Streak, Boomerang, MixMax, HubSpot and everything else.

full chrome extension support
desktop lock for all your web apps

Stay safe when sharing your computer.

If you are sharing a computer (e.g. with co-workers, or family members) or maybe you just need to take a break, you can lock Wavebox in just one click. This prevents anyone from opening Wavebox without the correct password or pin.

Faster machine, smarter working.

Having too many browser tabs open in your usual browser will slow your machine. Wavebox cleverly manages your computer’s memory so that it uses significantly less power than a standard browser, and also automatically ‘sleeps’ apps that are not being used to save even more resources.

optimize your time when working online

Try Wavebox Pro free for 7 days.

No credit card required. Monthly payment options available.


Feedback from Pro subscribers.

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5 Star Reviews of Wavebox on Trustpilot

Changed My Life!

This has changed my life. The new version with full chrome support is insane and I’m slowly turning my computer into a machine to just run Wavebox on.

Jack Skinner on Trustpilot

5 Star Reviews of Wavebox on Trustpilot

Best SaaS Productivity App

Wavebox makes working with our various cloud services a breeze. It’s far ahead of other apps in the space (and we’ve tried a bunch of them). Great customer service too!

Breeze Team on Trustpilot

5 Star Reviews of Wavebox on Trustpilot

Love Wavebox

Love WaveBox! I had been a Franz user, also tried Rambox and Station. WB is far more polished and supported. Important enough to my daily workflow that I purchased a license.

Kenny Schiff on Trustpilot

5 Star Reviews of Wavebox on Trustpilot

We Love Wavebox!

We’ve tried various other tools like Shift & Station, but now they feel clunky in comparison and I can’t go back. Wavebox just takes everything to that next level of polish!

Rundle on Trustpilot

5 Star Reviews of Wavebox on Trustpilot

Highly Recommended

I use a lot of different web apps and managing them through Wavebox is so much easier and quicker than having a dozen-odd tabs open all the time.

Andrew on Trustpilot

5 Star Reviews of Wavebox on Trustpilot

Productivity Boost

Wavebox has done an amazing job of identifying all the inefficiencies of having to routinely access multiple web services for work, and solved every one of them.

David H on Trustpilot

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Browser as productivity meta-layer

Roadmap: The browser as meta-layer.

5 reasons why your browser is slowing you down.

5 reasons why your browser is slowing you down.

Using Wavebox on multiple computers and with teams.

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15 Quick Wavebox productivity hacks.

Stay up-to-date across all your SaaS tools and web apps

Stay up-to-date across all your SaaS apps and tools.


4 tips for efficient online working.

Unify your tools.

Replace desktop apps with web versions and bring all your favorite SaaS tools into a single interface. Organize them using groups and collections to create fast and efficient workflows. Having everything in one place will significantly improve your daily productivity.

Automate manual tasks.

Replace time-wasting daily routines such as opening browser tabs and signing in-and-out of web accounts with a faster alternative. Launch Wavebox, and all your apps are open, up-to-date, correctly signed in, and ready to go in a matter of seconds!

Limit distractions, stay focused.

With faster app navigation, you’ll find it easier to maintain context and stay focused when working across all your SaaS tools. You can also hide tempting apps away, and mute notifications to minimize distractions when you need time to concentrate.

Keep up-to-date.

A consolidated real-time view of unread items and desktop notifications is invaluable for busy people who like to stay in control. Simply click on any unread link or notification to open the item in the correct app in Wavebox.

Build better workflows and achieve your goals.

All Wavebox downloads start with a fully featured free trial of Pro for 7 days – no credit card required. After that, you can continue to use Wavebox Basic for free or subscribe to Pro on a plan that suits your budget.