Save 1 day per week.

Use all your favorite web apps in Wavebox instead of Chrome and save 90 minutes per day by automating tasks and staying focused. Wavebox has everything you need to work faster across Slack, Asana, Trello, and every other app you use to get work done.

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Work faster than in Chrome

Faster than Chrome.

Replace desktop apps with web equivalents to manage RAM on the fly and optimize every app & tab to work faster.

Stay signed-in, link across apps and always be up-to-date with what's new.

A Better App Client.

Many web apps work better in Wavebox. It's faster, supports multi-account logins and allows seamless working across everything.

Easily navigate all your cloud apps using the Wavebox

Productivity Boon.

Expect to save 90 minutes per day by automating tasks and being more organized. You can build faster workflows for you and your team with Wavebox.

Power-Up your Apps.

Wavebox makes them even better.

When you rely on key tools like ClickUp, Figma, Google Workspaces, Microsoft Teams and Slack to run your business, you need a platform that's made for the job. Built on Chromium, Wavebox works like Chrome, but it's supercharged with all the missing features you need to work faster and more efficiently on the web.

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Arrange apps & tabs by CPU.


It feels like you've upgraded your computer.

Wavebox is built to deliver a lightning-fast performance. It throttles its own memory consumption to keep your computer running smoothly and optimizes every app and tab as you work to provide a consistently smooth performance.

Enjoy an upgrade →


It transforms how you multi-task across apps.

If you click on a Slack link in the Salesforce app, it will open in Slack - this means you can keep working without losing context or wasting time e.g. copy/pasting links, manually finding tabs. It's as if all your apps are part of a single, seamless web suite.

Transform how you work →

Work seamlessly across apps.

In-built chat & calls for every app.


It supercharges everything with really great features.

As if your favorite apps couldn't get any better - Wavebox's core features span everything, so you can login to multiple accounts in Gmail, enjoy picture-in-picture video calls in Slack, and even get AI help with writing your next Tweet! It's time to power-up your apps.

Supercharge your apps →

In a world of constant overwhelm and noise, Wavebox helps us streamline our business and produce outstanding results for our clients.

Dan Thomas, Managing Partner at Vaulter and Loftgarten.

Dan Thomas, Managing Partner at Vaulter and Loftgarten uses Wavebox.


Work Flows Better in Wavebox.

Bring all your best apps into Wavebox and watch your productivity soar. With the following core features powering every click, you'll be able to get more done, strengthen your team, and grow your business.

Level-Up with Wavebox

Unify disparate tasks and boost performance with these 6 core features:

Background sleep tabs that are not in use to optimize performance

Tab sleeping.

Automatically hibernate inactive tabs to optimize performance and save time.

Work faster across all your tools as if they were part of the same app

Link Engine.

Wavebox learns as you work to help you build faster workflows between apps.

Confidently stay signed-in to accounts of the same type e.g Gmail, Slack.

Cookie Containers.

Confidently stay signed-in to multiple accounts of the same type e.g Gmail, and isolate work apps from home.

Tabs are organized within groups/apps to help you stay organized and maintain focus.

Focused Tabs.

Tabs are organized within groups/apps to help you stay organized and maintain focus. Inactive tabs sleep to optimize performance.

Keyword search across all apps, tabs, links and windows in Wavebox.


Keyword search across all apps, tabs, links and windows in Wavebox. Also included are web results using your choice of search engine.

With everything in one place you're always up-to-date


With everything in one place you're always up-to-date with desktop notifications & unread badges.

Built-in chat and calls for all apps in Wavebox.

Side-drawer chat & calls.

Chat & calls for every app! Use the pop-out side-panel for encrypted chat, calls, screenshare and large file share as you work.

Keep it simple or make Wavebox your own.

Custom settings.

Keep it simple, or make WB your own. Change themes, sleep, notifications, badges, icons, keyboard shortcuts and pretty much everything else.

Add any extension from the Chrome web store.

All Chrome extensions.

Add any extension from the Chrome web store in just one click, such as AdBlocker, LastPass, Streak, Grammarly etc.

With Wavebox we can do more in less time. Using cookie containers to stay signed-in across accounts, we can delight our customers like never before.

Daniel McNaught, Founder at Fluidity.

Daniel McNaught, Founder at Fluidity uses Wavebox.


Bring Clarity to Chaos.

Wavebox makes life easier by turning tabs into workflows and automating time-consuming tasks. By only adding the apps you use, you can block out distractions and focus on what's important.

Explore more features

Top 3 daily issues solved by Wavebox:

Arrange all your apps and tabs in a way that suits you.

Where's that tab?

Use Wavebox toolbars to arrange your apps and tabs in a way that suits how you work. You'll always know where everything is, but if you forget, there are multiple ways to search.

Tired of multi-account logins

Signing in-and-out, AGAIN!

We don't cut corners when it comes to cookies. Use cookie containers to (1) isolate apps, so you can simultaneously sign-in to many of the same type, and (2) unite apps, so that working/linking across them is seamless.

Fans whirring flat out?

Help, stop my fans!

Wavebox both throttles its demand and optimizes every app/tab to deliver a smooth performance. But if your fans do start whirring, you can use the 'Navigator' to locate and sleep/close any hungry apps in seconds.

Use these 6 unique UI features to get organized and save time.

App Navigator.

A thumbnail map of all your apps and tabs, which are arranged by consumption (largest=most demanding!). Managing memory has never been so much fun.

Thumbnail Previews.

Hover over any app icon or tab to view a recent screenshot of your work. Omits the need to wake sleeping apps and waste valuable resources.

AI Writing Assistant.

Highlight any text in the main window then right-click to power-up our AI wizard Brainbox. Get help with writing snappy headlines, any top 5 list, or text summary.

enjoy picture-in-picture calls in Slack

Picture-in-picture Calls.

Now you can enjoy picture-in-picture calling in Slack or any other app. Plus unlimited instant screen-share and large file sharing.

Get up-to-date with everything in Wavebox, in just one glance

Activity Monitor.

One glance at the Activity Monitor (mini menu) and you're up-to-date. Access from workspaces, or pop-out to your desktop.

Use workspace to orgganize the apps you use often


Create workspaces for projects, clients, to-do-lists etc. Keep them private or share with other members of your Connect team.


We don't run ads, or upsell other services.

Focus on work, not ads.

Your subscription means we don't need to show ads or sponsored links. Use any AdBlock extension from the Chrome web store to make Wavebox distraction free.

We run the very latest version of Chromium.

Latest Chromium security.

We update Chromium within just a few days of any new release, which ensures we're always compatible with the latest security updates.

We love what we do, and offer world-class support.

Supported by kind humans.

All support tickets are answered in a timely manner by friendly humans (mostly called Susan). It's our goal to provide the best possible service to all our users.

What can you achieve with an extra day per week?

Don't delay. It's time to transform how you work on the web.

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