A New Home for Cloud Apps

  • Nice and Tidy

    Enjoy all your web apps in one place,
    so you can work faster and smarter.

  • Work Faster

    Fed up of bloated browser tabs?
    Stay signed-in to all your apps, without zapping your machine.

  • Never Miss a Thing

    You’ll be kept up-to-date with native notifications,
    even when you’re not using Wavebox.

  • Stay in the Zone

    You can also tailor notifications by app
    and use ‘mute’ when you need time to focus.

  • 1000+ Apps

    Create your own suite of web apps using our
    directory of popular apps and extensions.

Any Web App

You can add any web app, website, or service to Wavebox, which is available for Linux, Windows or MacOS.


Your data security is our top priority.  Wavebox offers a secure environment for working online.

Open Source

Wavebox is built using the trusted technology platforms you already use everyday like Electron and Chromium.

Free to Use

Wavebox is free to use with 2 Gmail/Inbox accounts.  Upgrade to Pro to add more apps and services.


Web Apps. Unified.

Wavebox is your secure desktop client for the cloud.  Install on your desktop and add the apps and websites you use everyday. Then effortlessly switch between them for an easier, more productive workflow.

Unified View

Install Wavebox on your computer and add your favourite web apps, services and websites, such as Gmail, Office365, Slack and Trello. Then switch between them as you work, staying signed-in to receive real-time updates. No more endless browser tabs, alt-tabbing, or constant sign-in and out.

Wavebox Easily Switch Between Cloud Apps
Wavebox: Unified Access

Unified Access

Access all your web apps from the Wavebox window, just as you would in a browser, including services and extensions like LastPass, Google Drive, Calendar, Contacts, OneDrive, Mixmax and Boomerang.  Wavebox improves on the browser experience by being faster, leaner and with sandboxed security.

Unified Notifications

With so many apps on the go you could spend all day trying to keep up-to-date!  With Wavebox, unread badges, desktop notifications and tray notices (Mini Menu) will ensure you stay informed, even when it’s running in the background. You can also tailor notification settings for each account to suit your workflow.

Wavebox Notifications
Wavebox: Unified Analytics

Unified Analytics

There’s a web app for pretty much everything these days, so subscription costs across your organisation can easily spiral out of control. Wavebox Analytics can help individuals and teams learn more about app usage and behaviours.  Is your most expensive app really being used as much as you think? Time to find out.

Unified Team

Wavebox is great for teams. Using the ‘Team Admin’ function you can easily create new accounts and manage your organisation’s subscriptions on a team level. You can also arrange consolidated billing for easy account renewal.

Wavebox: Unified Teams

World of Wavebox

“We love using Wavebox! It has really streamlined our work processes and we now have everyone at the office using it. Having multiple G Suite accounts all loading in a dedicated program has made the world of difference. We’ve also setup dedicated tabs for our company’s Slack and Asana, so jumping back and forth between those services and our emails has been incredibly helpful, and has really sped up our internal and external communications. It’s also meant that we’ve been able to remove a large amount of clutter from our work-spaces, and gone are the days when these applications are getting lost in random browser tabs. The ability to add in custom tabs is a great feature too, so we’ve been able to keep sites we access regularly (such as Upwork) within easy reach at all times. We can’t recommend Wavebox highly enough!”

Dan, Paul and Mark from Niika, Design Agency

Reasons to Choose Wavebox

With our first-to-market client and fully transparent Open Source tech, Wavebox proudly stands head and shoulders above the rest. Here are just three reasons why you should choose Wavebox:


Wavebox supports LastPass, Boomerang, Gmelius, Markdown Here, Mixmax, Grammarly, Todoist & Clearbit with more on the way.

Wavebox Has Over 1000 Web Apps in the Directory


Bring all your existing apps into Wavebox. We have over 1000 apps in our Directory or you can use the ‘Add Any Website’ option. 

Why Wavebox? Account Sandboxing


Wavebox correctly sandboxes accounts so that you can be logged into multiple accounts at the same time without any browser complications.

Fraser Smith

I am very impressed with Wavebox. I’ve tried several similar apps but Wavebox is superior to them all. As a recent switcher from macOS to full-time Linux, the iCloud support is much appreciated.

Steve Kermes

I’m running your app on Ubuntu 16.04. It monitors two ms outlook accounts just fine. Getting a kick out of wavebox mini. Your app is neat stuff, and runs smooth. Co-workers come by an ask.. “hey, what’s that?


I been using it for about a year now, nearly seamlessly on both Mac and Linux, and each update makes it smoother and smoother, bringing more and more features. Bravo, @waveboxio team (:

Wavebox Features

Simple to setup, easy to use and packed with great features. We’ve worked hard to ensure that Wavebox fits effortlessly into your existing workflow.

Windows, Linux & Mac

Wavebox supports Windows, Linux and macOS, so you install it on all of your favourite devices, both at work and at home.

Unlimited Apps

Wavebox supports ANY app or website and there is no limit to how many you can add with a Wavebox Pro subscription.

Add Extensions

Bring your extensions with you. As well as LastPass we support Markdown Here, Boomerang, Gmelius, Mixmax, Grammarly, Clearbit & Todoist and Dropbox.

Power Save

Wavebox gives you the option to put apps to sleep when they’re not in use. This saves significant memory and processing power. Find out how Wavebox manage’s memory >

Tray Menu

See a real-time list of your latest Notifications and Unread items, even when you’re not working in Wavebox.

Background Notifications

Never miss a thing! You’ll get updates across all apps, even when they’re asleep (running in the background) via desktop notifications, the tray menu and unread badges.

Easy to Use

The Wavebox UI is user-friendly, ensuring quick adoption. It’s also customisable with your own icons, colours and branding.

Maximum Security

We scope security so data is correctly contained. All apps are sandboxed, updates are signed, and everything is transparent via Open Source. Ready our security blog >

Custom Culture

From tweaking notifications to developing your own API, our Open Source culture invites creativity, contribution and collaborationConnect with us on GitHub >

From the Wavebox Blog

New Release: LastPass Support, UI Updates and App Grouping

Wavebox is a powerful desktop app for running multiple cloud apps simultaneously on your machine, and we do some pretty cool stuff behind the scenes to deliver the best possible experience for users. Want to know more? Well, once upon a time…..

♥ Wavebox

Scalable, secure and easy to update. Wavebox has become the cloud client of choice for thousands of happy users and teams worldwide.
Feedback for Wavebox Pro

I never knew that a simple app like Wavebox could make my days much more productive. Sure, I can always have a number of Chrome tabs open, but the notifications don't always work as they should. I now have my browser in one window, and Wavebox running 2 Google accounts and Slack in the other.

Roy Jovero
Wavebox Pro User

I just wanted to say that Wavebox is fantastic. I'm a scientist and use Windows/Linux/Mac all the time. I've tried numerous email client solutions (Outlook, Airmail, Mailspring, Thunderbird) and none of them worked for me. Wavebox however, works perfectly, thank you for creating such a great tool.

Josh Smalley
Wavebox Pro User

I have been trying this app for a few days now - @waveboxio and it solves a lot of my problems when running web apps/multiple gmail accounts/slack etc by being able to “snooze” apps but still get notifications. And they’re all under one roof. Nice.

John Baxter
Wavebox Pro User
Wavebox review by The Verge

“I set up Wavebox with my work email, calendar, and Google Drive; my personal email, calendar, and Google Photos; my company Trello account; my company Slack channel; and a dedicated tab for The Verge’s homepage. I can even edit Google Doc files right within the app window…there’s nothing better out there than Wavebox.”  Nick Statt, The Verge

“If you’re looking to bring together some of your cloud-based tools into one, easy-to-use and configurable application, Wavebox might be exactly what you’re looking for.”  Jack Wallen, TechRepublic

Try Wavebox Pro

Your Wavebox account begins with a 14 day free trial of Pro. Once expired, you can continue to use Wavebox Basic for free with 2 Google apps, or subscribe to Pro.