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“Wavebox is one of those rare, do-everything apps that can really cut down on browser tab clutter and help you centralize your app management.”

Nick Statt, The Verge


Wavebox Teams

“My team can get things done in less than half the time by having all their apps in one place. For me, it’s a great feeling knowing that my team has all the tools they need at their fingertips.”

The Northern Lights Village, Saariselkä, Finland


Get Cloud Clever

The best of the web, in one focused place.  Install Wavebox on your desktop and add the apps and websites you use each day. Then effortlessly switch between them to create faster, more productive workflows.

Linux, Windows & macOS

Install on your desktop, at work and at home

Install Wavebox on your computer and add your favourite web apps, services and websites – you can add anything with a URL. Then switch between them as you work, staying signed-in to receive real-time updates. Your Wavebox subscriptions can be used on any number of machines! 

Add anything with w URL to Wavebox on your Desktop
Add any Website to your Wavebox

Add Any App

That’s right, ANY app. If it has a URL then you can add it to Wavebox!

Your daily workflows probably include everything from web apps and services, to CRM systems and work intranets. So that’s why Wavebox can support anything with a URL. Then once you’re signed-in, you’ll stay signed in – even across accounts of the same type e.g Gmail.

Nice and Tidy

Enjoy all your apps in one place on your desktop

Start your Wavebox in the morning with everything open, signed in and ready to roll. Organise your app icons in a way to suits your workflow – you can use the sidebar, topbar, context and tooltip menus to easily reach the content you need. Everything is in one place, nice and tidy. Are you ready to spend your days in Wavebox?

Wavebox Easily Switch Between Cloud Apps
Wavebox is faster than using a browser to access your web apps and services.

Work Faster

Fed up of bloated browser tabs slowing your machine?

Access all your web apps from the Wavebox window, simultaneously, and  use your favourite Chrome extensions without slowing your machine. Wavebox cleverly uses your machine’s memory to improve on the browser experience by being faster, leaner and with sandboxed security.

Never Miss a Thing

Always be up-to-date across all your apps

With so many apps on the go, you could spend your day just trying to keep up!  With Wavebox, unread badges, desktop notifications and tray notices (Mini Menu) will ensure you stay informed, even when it’s running in the background. You can also tailor notification settings for each account to suit your workflow. You can even mute them all with just one click when you need time to focus.

Wavebox Notifications
Screenshot showing Wavebox Tooltips for navigating web apps and services in your desktop

Work Smarter

Easily navigate between your favourite apps & services

‘Pin’ frequently used webpages to create bookmarks, transform them into ‘Tasks’ and quickly jump between previously visited pages using ‘Recents’.  These are just some of the advanced navigation features that will help you to save time when working between apps.  You can also use our Quick Switch feature to hop between recently used accounts.

Work Together

Wavebox makes onboarding your team a breeze! 

Different departments need different apps, so as Team Admin you can setup as many Wavebox profiles as you like and link them to team members. So when a team member signs into Wavebox for the first time, all their apps and websites are pre-loaded, ready to go.

Use Wavebox for team access to all web apps and services.


Niika Creative Agency logo
3 Reasons Australian Creative Agency Niika Uses Wavebox Every Single Day

Running a creative agency efficiently requires the use of many tools. Learn how Wavebox has revolutionised the way Australian agency Niika handle project management.


Wavebox Pro Subscriber

My respect to the @waveboxio development team for being so active and helpful on GitHub! You rock!


Wavebox Pro Subscriber

Just want ta say TY for Wavebox team, GitHub community, and for all who made WaveBox better and better each release!


Wavebox Pro Subscriber

I absolutely love how @waveboxio makes my work flow! Such an incredible efficiency boost. #workflow #productivityhacks

Wavebox Features

Simple to setup, easy to use and packed with great features. We’ve worked hard to ensure that Wavebox fits effortlessly into your existing workflow.

Windows, Linux & Mac

Wavebox supports Windows, Linux and macOS, so you install it on all of your favourite devices, both at work and at home. One Pro subscription can be used across all your machines.

Unlimited Apps

Wavebox supports ANY app or website and there is no limit to how many you can add with a Wavebox Pro subscription. Take a look at our App Directory >

Extension Support

Bring your extensions with you. As well as LastPass we support Markdown Here, Boomerang, Gmelius, Mixmax, Grammarly, Clearbit & Todoist and Dropbox.

Save Power

Wavebox gives you the option to put apps to sleep when they’re not in use. This saves significant memory and processing power. Find out how Wavebox manages memory >

Tray Menu

See a real-time list of your latest Notifications and Unread items, even when you’re not working in Wavebox. Find out more about the Wavebox Mini Menu >


Never miss a thing! You’ll get updates across all apps, even when they are in the background, via desktop notifications, the tray menu and unread badges.

Easy to Use

The Wavebox UI is user-friendly, ensuring quick adoption. It’s also customisable with your own icons and colours. Learn more about customisation >

Maximum Security

We scope security so data is correctly contained. All apps are sandboxed and updates are signed. Ready our security blog >

Mute Notifications

Wavebox offers desktop notifications to ensure you’re up to date.  However you can choose to mute these notifications when you need time to focus.


Recent Release News

Wavebox Top 5 Productivity Features
Top 5 Wavebox Productivity Features

We’re always adding new features and it can be hard to keep up! Take a quick look at some of the best new productivity features we’ve added in the past few months.

Wavebox Service API
URL Editing, Quick Commands, Wavebox API

We’ve shaved a whole second off the app start-up 🚀🥳 and also updated Chromium and Electron, improved support for Outlook, MixMax, Jira, Confluence and much more. 

Link Engine, AdBlocker, & Download Manager

This fantastic tool will help you navigate faster and more efficiently between apps in Waveboxand get to the content you need quicker.

3 Ways to Organise Apps in your Wavebox Workspace

Whether you have 6 or 60 apps in Wavebox, you’ll want to make switching between them is as efficient and effortless as possible. Here’s a quick guide…

Introducing Wavebox Teams

 Wavebox Teams lets you quickly roll-out the benefits of Wavebox across larger teams. It includes all the benefits of Pro, but with some great extra features.

Pinned, Recents & Tasks

Having all your frequently used web apps, services and pages in one place is key to a more efficient workflow, so we’ve introduced two new tool-tip menus to help you do just that!…

Users ♥ Wavebox

Scalable, secure and easy to customise. Wavebox has become the cloud productivity tool of choice for thousands of delighted users and teams worldwide.

I never knew that a simple app like Wavebox could make my days much more productive. I now have my browser in one window, and Wavebox running 2 Google accounts and Slack in the other.

Pro Subscriber

I just wanted to say that Wavebox is fantastic. I've tried numerous email client solutions and none of them worked for me. Wavebox however, works perfectly, thank you for creating such a great tool.

Josh Smalley
Pro Subscriber

I've been using @waveboxio for 2 weeks now on Mac, Linux, & Windows. Never going back. All my email, slacks, twitter, and so much more in one place. Memory savings alone make it worthwhile.

Pro Subscriber
Wavebox review by The Verge
“It’s got clean design and super powerful integrations, letting you access everything from Asana and Office 365 to Discord and Slack — all in one app.” 
Techrepublic logo
“If you’re looking to bring together some of your cloud-based tools into one, easy-to-use and configurable application, Wavebox might be exactly what you’re looking for.”

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