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Wavebox User

I use Wavebox on an Ubuntu Gnome and have got my company’s Slack, plus all my Gmail accounts hooked up.

Stanley Agba @teliovcroby


The first thing I normally do once I get to work is open up my company’s Slack team and official email. Now as the day progresses, the number of tabs open (and the number of browser windows as well) rises to meteoric proportions!

Enter Wavebox! I was a user of Wmail and I absolutely loved the idea of having all my emails accessible in one place in an interface that was user friendly. When Wavebox came along promising Slack integration I was sold. Now I never miss a notification or need to cycle through so many tabs just to get my Slack open. I am also a heavy Google Keep user so that’s one more tab I don’t need to ‘keep’ open, lol. Wavebox rocks!
Stanley Agba @teliovcroby