Survey: 97% of Users Recommend Wavebox to Co-workers and Friends.

Survey: 97% of Users Recommend Wavebox to Co-workers and Friends.

A massive thank you to everyone who responded to our recent user survey.  

As a pioneering browser for hard-working professionals, we appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback and help us plan for the year ahead.  

The survey provided invaluable insights into how you interact with and perceive our browser. Spanning a diverse range of industries and countries, the responses paint a clear picture of Wavebox's impact in various professional environments.

Here are the key survey takeaways illustrating why Wavebox is the preferred browser for users worldwide and areas where it can evolve further.


Wavebox User Survey: Key Takeaways.

❤️ Strong User Loyalty: Many Waveboxers have been using the browser for over one year, a significant portion exceeding four years. This loyalty underscores Wavebox's ability to retain users over time, suggesting consistent user satisfaction and a product that evolves with customer needs.  Wavebox is now ranked second only to Chrome in Capterra's 'Highest-Rated' browser category.

60% of Wavebox users have been subscribed for 2-5 years!

⚙️ Diverse Utility: Waveboxers value the browser for providing unique features for organizing resources and boosting productivity. Wavebox's role in project memory/performance management and team collaboration further illustrates its multifaceted application. Wavebox caters to a wide variety of industry sectors for professionals, educators, and non-profit organizations.

🚀 Valued Features: Waveboxers highly regard the browser's productivity tools and collaborative features. These elements are pivotal in streamlining workflows, managing multiple client projects (i.e., cookie containers, workspaces, and Connect), and enhancing overall work efficiency.  In 2024, we will build on Wavebox as a platform for small to medium-sized organizations to manage sprawling SaaS services effectively and save time and money.

Having fast, organized access to all their web apps is one of the main reasons why Waveboxers use the browser.

🛠️ Room for Improvement: While the feedback is overwhelmingly positive, Waveboxers also suggested areas for improvement, including ease of use and cost-efficiency, additional support for app splitting across multiple screens, and a need for more user onboarding tutorials and guides. These insights offer us valuable direction for enhancements in 2024, and we are already working on a simplified onboarding process for individuals and teams—keep an eye out for more news in the coming weeks! 🤫

Wavebox is the browser of choice for professionals, educators and non-profit organizations in over 46 countries worldwide.

🖥️ Multi-Monitor Usage: The survey revealed a trend towards multi-screen setups, with most Waveboxers operating between one to four monitors and some even using more than five. This reflects Wavebox’s utility in multi-tasking and complex workflows, essential in today’s fast-paced online working environments. 👀 For 2024, we are looking at ways Wavebox can be better supported across multiple screens and different screen sizes and to further develop our split-screen function.

Thank you once again - we appreciate everyone who participated in our recent user survey. Your valuable feedback is incredibly helpful in advancing the evolution of our browser. The insights we've gained will guide us in further development and enhancements in the forthcoming year.

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