Microsoft Services, Cool UI Features & 30+ New Apps in our Directory

This week we're all about Microsoft Services, and are delighted to welcome Office Suite and Teams to your Outlook and Inbox apps. All this, plus Feedly, bug fixes, and some cool new UI features. So here's a summary of what's new this week.

Microsoft Services, Cool UI Features & 30+ New Apps in our Directory

We are delighted to welcome more Microsoft services including Office, Teams and OneNote to Wavebox Pro. There's also more of your favourite apps featured in our Directory, some bug fixes, and cool new UI features. So here's a summary of what's new in Wavebox Pro:


  1. You can now add Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Teams to your Microsoft account as services. You can either use the App Directory to add them as individual accounts (so they appear in the left-menu as large icons), or add them to an existing Outlook or Office365 account by right-clicking on the account icon and enabling as a service (so they appear as saller icons in the top-menu, or side-sub-menu). To open any of these services in a separate window on your desktop (outside of Wavebox), simply right-click on the icon and select 'Open in New Window'.

2. News aggregator app Feedly plus a bunch of other popular apps have been added to our Directory as linked account types. Just click on the + icon in Wavebox and select an app from the Directory list. Apps recently added include Instagram, Gitlab, Instagram, Pocket, Pinterest, and SurveyMonkey.

screenshot_navigationbar3. There's now an option to enable/disable the navigation toolbar on weblink accounts. Just right-click on the account icon and then 'Account Settings'. Look for a new 'Show Navigation Toolbar' toggle.

screenshot_linuxfonts4. We've improved our Linux font support, especially with the Snap version of Wavebox. Now there are a few extra screens to help you get Wavebox looking its best!

screenshots_tooltips5. There are additional options for showing and hiding tooltips. Click on the 'Settings' cog and then under the 'General' tab look for 'Account Tooltips' under 'User Interface'. Click on the dropdown to change your settings.

screenshots_opennewwindow6. You can now open any account in a new Wavebox window via the right-click menu on any account icon. Perfect for multi-taskers! The new window can be dragged anywhere on your desktop and will stay open even if the main Wavebox window is minimised, or if you're working in a different app.

wavebox_moveicons27. Make more room in the sidebar by hiding the icons. Just click on the down arrow to hide, then up arrow to show (icon re-sizing and grouping coming soon). You can also now easily reorder your account/services icons by simply dragging them (in both sidebar and top toolbar) - no more up/down clicking! Massive thanks to GitHub contributor @Pear0 for adding the hide/show icon feature. Great work!

Bug fixes include Gmelius and Snap versions running on Fedora and Solus, and we've also added support for Wavebox API in linked accounts.

Many of these new features and tweaks have been requested by users, so hopefully some of them are on your wish list! We're looking forward to a very exciting year and hope you will join us. Please let us know your feedback and comments to help us make Wavebox better. To see a list of everything in Wavebox releases, take a look at our Changelog on GitHub.

Updating Wavebox
You will need to update your Wavebox to take advantage of these new features. Existing users will get a prompt to update, or you can manually click on 'Wavebox' in your computer's screen top-left followed by 'Check for Update'. You can also click on the 'Settings' cog in Wavebox, and look for 'Check for Update Now' under the blue 'General' and/or 'Advanced' tags.

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