New: Tooltip thumbnails & sidebar dividers.

New: Tooltip thumbnails & sidebar dividers.

New to Wavebox in our most recent releases are some cool UI additions, that will help you to organize and navigate your apps.

Tooltip Thumbnail Previews

Following the successful launch of App Tabs and Navigator, we've now added thumbnail previews to the hover (tooltip) menus.  Hover over any group/app icon or app tab to see a recent thumbnail of what lies beneath. The thumbnail is displayed even when a tab is asleep, so there's no need to wake it to remind yourself of its contents (therefore saving time and CPU). Hover over a sidebar group and you'll see thumbnails for the two most recently used apps, and also for any app tabs. Click on any thumbnail preview to navigate to that app.

Sidebar List View

Having a list view for sidebar apps has been requested by many Wavebox and has finally made it to release. Right-click on the sidebar to reveal a pop-up menu of display options; Regular, Compact, Tiny and List.  Clicking on 'list' will display the group names alongside your sidebar apps. To change the name of your group, right-click on the icon and go to Settings > Group Settings, and look for Display Name.

Collapsable Sidebar Dividers

Another popular request that has finally made it to release 😝  are sidebar dividers (or headers).  These can be added to the sidebar to arrange your groups and apps. Right-click on the sidebar and select 'Add divider'.  A divider will appear at the bottom of the sidebar, which you can drag to the correct place. Then right-click on the divider again to give it a name (label) e.g. Home or Client A.  

Dividers are for navigation only, so they don't interfere with groups or cookie profiles. If you click on a divider, the app groups beneath it will collapse to both make more room in the sidebar, and hide away tempting stuff.  

Read the release notes (10.0.376 and 10.0.352) to learn more about the most recent updates, including a new Keyboard Shortcut section in Settings for the nimble fingered amongst you, plus an update to the latest Chromium (87.0.4280.66) and the release of Wavebox Pro for Apple's silicon chip.  There are also some general updates, improvements and bug fixes.