Most Antivirus solutions cope with a new version of Wavebox seamlessly. They're able to do this as we sign our binaries which provides them a way of securely checking the author and origin of the new release. Some Antivirus solutions can take a little bit of time to catch up with a new release. This can be as they push new security definitions out or wait for a number of users to install the newer version of the app.

If you find yourself with a message from your Antivirus about a new version of Wavebox there's a few things to do...

  1. Check you've downloaded Wavebox from a reputable source:
    • If the app auto-updated it will check that it comes from Wavebox and is signed correctly
    • If you've downloaded it yourself, ensure it's from
  2. Ensure you Antivirus and security definitions are up to date
  3. Ensure your Operating System is up to date to ensure you have all available security updates

If you're still seeing a message about Wavebox, most Antivirus providers have a way of reporting false positives. This will allow them to review Wavebox and whitelist it for install.

Here are some links to report false positives for some common Antivirus suites along with a sample message for quick reporting...






Here's a quick sample message you can use for contacting your Antivirus provider...


I've had a false positive report for the application Wavebox. Can you please address this? More information about the product (together with signed download binaries) are available at and