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  • Buy Wavebox for Teams seats to create a team and add people.
  • You can create as many different teams as you like e.g. Sales, Finance.
  • The Wavebox for Teams plan supports Connect, Shared Workspaces, Shared Onboarding Templates, Consolidated Billing and Onboarding Help.

  1. In the bottom left-hand corner of your Wavebox, click the ⚙ Settings icon, followed by My Wavebox. This will take you to the Admin screens.
  2. In the Admin sidebar, click on Upgrade to Teams.
  3. From the Wavebox for Teams page, enter the number of seats you need for your team using the + icon.
  4. Optional - Populate the empty text fields with user names and email addresses. You can do this later if just want to buy seats. No invites are sent at this point.
  5. There's a radio button to select either a monthly or annual subscription plan, or you can change this at the next step.
  6. Click Add Seats to go to the Stripe Billing Portal.  
  7. Once your purchase is completed, the Billing Portal will close and two new sections will appear in the Admin Sidebar under the headings Business Name and First Team.
  8. Use the Business Name and First Team sections to start setting things up.
  9. The Connect icon will also appear in the top-right-hand corner of the address bar.