What's included in a Live Profile?

When you create a Live Profile, here is what you can change/save:

  • Containers
  • Groups & apps
  • Tabs and tabstrip layout
  • Pinned tabs, tooltip saved tabs
  • Webdock layout
  • Chrome theme
  • Majority of settings e.g. sleep
  • Passwords (locked using Master Password)
  • Extensions
  • Workspaces & widgets
  • Blank Smart Notepad

What is not included?

  • Cookies and history
  • Bookmarks
  • Any other profiles you have setup
  • Connect or Brainbox conversations


Q. Can everyone connected to the same Live Profile see each other's browsing? No, unless you are both logged into a web app using the same login (which is not normally supported by SaaS providers). Browsing data, cookies, or history is not shared between users, including admins.

Q. What is updated when I click on Publish, and when? Any changes you have made since the last time it was published. They will see the updates instantly.

Q. Can users make changes to their Live Profile? It depends on individual user settings managed from the Live Profile editing screen.  If they are 'Read Only', then they cannot make changes, e.g., add/remove apps, or add extensions, but they can add and remove tabs and use tabs in a secondary window. Note that only admins can access and edit the profile itself.

Q. If users can make changes, what happens when I push out an update?  Does it replace the changes they have made? No, it will just add or remove any items.

Q. Can users belong to more than one Live Profile? Yes. You can create as many Live Profiles as you like, e.g., for different departments, which users can access via the Profile Menu (top-right) in their Wavebox.

Q. What happens if I delete a user from the Live Profile list? The profile will no longer be available to them, and another Profile will be shown when they launch Wavebox.  If there are no other Profiles, they are taken to the Wavebox login screen.

Q. Is Wavebox secure for sharing passwords? Yes. Passwords are fully encrypted and are never shared via the cloud.  Passwords are shared from client-to-client only, making it impossible to intercept.  They are also protected by a master password set by the admin.

Q. Why do changes to Shared Workspaces and Connect not need publishing? Shared Workspaces and Connect are updated via the cloud in real-time, so there is no need to ‘publish’ to send out updates.

Q. How many Live Profiles can I create? With Wavebox Teams account you can create up to 3 Managed Profiles.  For more than 3 you will need to upgrade to the Wavebox Enterprise by contacting sales(at)wavebox.io.

Q. How do users know when I have pushed out an update? It’s up to you how you want to share changes.  For example, you can use Connect to inform them of an update. Or, you could use a Sticky Note widget in a shared workspace.

Q. Will receiving a newly published update interrupt Wavebox’s performance? No, it will happen instantly in the background.  Be careful when removing/deleting groups/apps and tabs, however!

Q. Do users still need to update their Profile to the latest version of Wavebox? Yes, this is essential. Live Profile users will get the same prompt as everyone else to update their Wavebox.  This is very important as each version of Chromium includes security patches and bug fixes.

Q. Are Live Profiles backed up? Yes, they are saved in the cloud so you can retrieve them at any time. However, it's always worth doing a hard backup by going to Settings > Data & Sync > BackUp Now (button).  Back-ups can be found in My Wavebox > Profile Backups. Contact support@wavebox.io for more details.

Q. Can I remove a Live Profile? Yes you can delete Live Profiles from My Wavebox > Team Name > Live Profiles.  If you delete a Live Profile, it is instantly removed from a users Profile Menu and replaced with another Profile or the Wavebox login screen.