Team seat purchase, management and billing is available. However, this is currently being revamped for 2022.  Here's what to do:

First contact Wavebox Support to switch on 'Team Admin' for your account.

This begins a 2 week trial period for teams.  During the trial period you can invite as many team members as you like, who will also join your 14 day free trial.

You can start purchasing team seats at any time during the trial.  If your team has more than 5 members, you can contact Wavebox support for a discount code to use at checkout.

Here's how to add team members & purchase seats:

  • Email support to enable 'Team Admin' on your account.
  • Go to Wavebox 'Settings' and click on 'Wavebox Subscription'.
  • Under 'Teams Admin' in the right-hand column, click on 'Manage Team Members'.
  • To add a team member, enter an email in the 'add new user email' text field. If you want them to join the trial, click on 'Invite' to send them an email invitation.
  • To purchase a seat, amend the quantity in the 'Number of Seats' box, and then click on the blue 'Buy Team Subscription' button. This will take you through to the shopping cart screen where you can complete the purchase.