• Click on + New Workspace to create your first private workspace.
  • Add apps: Click on the + button under apps to bring up a list of all your app groups and apps in Wavebox.  Select any apps you need. If you select an app group it will be displayed as a rounded square with smaller icons inside it.
  • You can also right-click on any app icon in the sidebar or top toolbar and selecting 'Add to workspace' then choose a workspace from the pop-out menu.

  • To add a shortcut click on the + button under shortcuts.  In the pop-up box, paste in the URL, rename the shortcut, and upload a new icon (optional).
  • To add a folder of multiple shortcuts, right-click on the + button under shortcuts, select 'Folder' then add your first shortcut.
  • To add a shortcut you can also right-click in any browser window and select 'Add to workspace' then choose a workspace from the pop-out menu.

Use shortcuts to save and open a browser tab session.

  • To save a browser tab session: In any Wavebox browser window (secondary) click on the profile icon (next to the address bar on the right) and select 'Send all tabs to workspace'. The shortcuts will be added to your workspace as a folder.
  • To re-start a browser tab session: In your workspace, right-click on the shortcut folder, and select 'Open all as tabs in a new window'.  This will create a new Wavebox browser window with all the tabs open.