Anyone can create a template from a Wavebox group or profile and share it with another Wavebox user. The recipient can add the template to their Wavebox in just a few clicks.

Here are some templates you can create and share with friends, colleagues, and co-workers.

  • A time-saving group workflow you've created
  • A group you've curated for research or campaign
  • A set of groups for onboarding new colleagues to your team
  • A complete profile to onboard new starters to your organization
  • A full profile that's useful for others in your industry
Right-click on any group to create a template to share

Templates: The Basics

  • You can create a group template from the group's right-click menu.
  • You can also create a profile template from the profile menu (user icon top-right).
  • You can specify what you want to include in your template using the Template Wizard, e.g., groups and tabs.
  • You can also bundle passwords into your template. If passwords are included, the template is protected by a master password which must be shared separately.
  • Templates are shared using codes. The code is in the form of a URL and is automatically generated by the Template Wizard.
  • New Wavebox users can use the share code during installation to get set up more quickly.
  • Existing Wavebox users simply click the share code in Wavebox or paste the URL into any Wavebox tab to add the template to their setup.
  • Workspaces are not included in templates and are better shared via a Connect team.
  • Profile templates use Wavebox's default General Settings, so any customized Keyboard Shortcuts are not included.
  • Templates are entirely static. Any changes made to an app/group/profile after the export/import are not reflected elsewhere.

What do Templates include?

Included with Apps:

  • App type (integrated, app directory, weblink)
  • Cookie container for the app
  • Name, icon & other appearance settings
  • Notification & badge settings
  • Sleep & Window opener rules
  • Saved items (tooltip menu)

Included with Groups:

  • Cookie container for the group
  • Icon, name, color, badge colors & other appearance settings
  • Divider (if present)

Included with a Profile:

  • All of the above.

Templates do not include:

  • Cookies or browsing history.
  • Passwords (if not included).
  • Private workspaces.
  • App-wide settings from the main 'Settings > General' section e.g. Keyboard Shortcuts, Theme, UI choices, etc.

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