Ultimate Team Browser

Customizable Chromium browser platform for any organization.

Imagine a faster, de-Googled version of Chrome, that's fully loaded with all your team's web apps, and crammed with time-saving productivity features. That's Wavebox.

Wavebox is a customizable Chromium browser platform for any organization

Your Business. Your Browser. Your Rules.

Every day your team wastes valuable time hopping between siloed web apps, juggling tabs, and signing in and out of accounts to get stuff done. Empower them with a browser customized with their favorite tools so they can focus on work rather than navigation.

Our platform
Create your own custom Chromium browser for your team
Sign-in once to all your web apps, including multiple Gmail, Monday, Asana or ClickUp accounts.

Fully managed with real-time sync.

When your team installs Wavebox, they have instant access to everything they need to get work done. You can lock down browser features to maintain focus, power-up creativity with ChatGPT and build different profiles for each department. This is your browser, your rules, and it's all managed remotely in real-time.

Team Quick Setup Guide

Optimize every SaaS subscription.

Is the hidden cost of app sprawl damaging your business growth? Wavebox helps you take back control of spiraling SaaS subscriptions with real-time statistics on your teams' web app activity, so you can make better decisions on your app purchases.

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Take back control of all your SaaS subscriptions with real-time statistics on web app usage

Secure, Reliable, Resilient.

Build a Chromium browser that's optimized for your company tech stack, customized with your feature preferences, and managed remotely via a secure admin portal.

Choose your Managed Browser options:

Fully Managed

Contact Sales

Selected features

Locked-down profile

Remote updates by admin

Fully Featured

Standard Team Option

All features

Customizable profile

No remote updates by admin

Mirrored Profile

Contact Sales

All features

Customizable profile

Remote updates by admin

Real-time sync

Integrated OpenAI tech with GPT4

Integrated OpenAI tech with GPT4.

Wavebox is an AI-first browser which means we apply the very latest OpenAI advancements to our browser platform and bring you time-saving, productivity features. Brainbox, our friendly ChatGPT assistant, is available across every app and tab you use.

Meet Brainbox

20+ secure productivity extensions built-in.

In addition to supporting any Chrome extension, Wavebox also features over 20 built-in extensions, eliminating the need to update/maintain multiple extensions and helping you save money on unnecessary subscriptions.

Examples: Tab management and suspension, sticky notes, RSS feeds, tab seearch, focus mode, screensharing, team workspaces, note taking, webmail picker, task list etc.

More on extensions
Examples: Tab management and suspension, sticky notes, RSS feeds, tab seearch, focus mode, screensharing, team workspaces, note taking, webmail picker, task list etc
Sign-in once to all your web apps, including multiple Gmail, Monday, Asana or ClickUp accounts.

Safely share app logins and passwords.

We've nailed the tech behind secure and sticky multi-account login so you can safely share subscriptions and passwords with team members. You can also use the built-in password manager and/or any Chrome extension.

The Wavebox platform

Unlimited teamsUnlimited workspaces

Get started with Wavebox in 3 easy steps:

Wavebox unites teams with all web resources they need to work efficiently on the web. It's super-easy to get started:

Get Started
  • 1

    Download Wavebox

    Download Wavebox and install on macOS, Windows or Linux. Add all the apps your team uses daily to get work done.

  • 2

    Add People

    In the app, go to 'Settings > My Wavebox > Buy Team Seats' to purchase seats and create a new team.

  • 3

    Create Template & Invite

    Allocate seats to users and send invite emails to your team. Use Connect to DM, voice/video call and screen share with your team, and create a shared workspace for apps, websites and weblinks.

Instant call and screen share across everything.

Zoom, Slack, and Teams all work wonderfully in Wavebox. But when you need to share your screen in just one click and brainstorm ideas across ClickUp, Figma & Drive, there's no simpler way than with Connect, our built-in chat, calls, screen & file sharing extension.

Get started
Enjoy one-click chat, calls and screenshare, straight from the browser.
Easy admin with consolidated billing.

Easy admin with consolidated billing.

Manage your teams and people using the in-app Admin screens. Add and remove users, edit permissions, push out profile updates, and view team statistics.

More about pricing

One organized place for all web resources.

Use workspaces to bring together web resources for any project. Add links to documents, shortcuts to web apps, sticky notes, desktop notification list and much more. Then share with a team for easy collaboration.

Discover workspaces
Flexible workspaces for any project.

Why Wavebox?

With over 5 years of bug fixes, Chromium development, and a dedicated UK team of experienced developers, Wavebox stands head and shoulders above other browsers for stability, reliability, and support.

ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Compliance (Pending)

Live & Proven

Install today & be blown away on mac, Windows and Linux.

Everything Works

Spend time working & not reporting bugs.

Expert Support

Our support team are diligent, kind & super-friendly.

Secure & Resilient

We update within a few days of any Chromium release.

In-House Dev

We have a team of talented UK-based Chromium developers.

AI Feature-Led

Our releases are packed with user-requested features.

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Saves 50% time

Saves 50% Time

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Game Changer

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Best team browser

Best Team Browser

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Wavebox for Teams

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