Wavebox for Teams

Welcome new hires and co-workers with all the web apps they need in one organized place.

Imagine if you could set up a browser with every app your team needs to work. That's Wavebox. Whether you're welcoming a new hire, or sharing apps/links with co-workers, Wavebox offers fast & efficient onboarding for every business.

Wavebox has 5 stars on Trustpilot
Wavebox has 5 stars on Capterra

Increase productivity across your entire organization.

Focus your team with a fast and secure browser that’s built for the job. Remove distractions, enhance apps with great new features, and improve machine performance to increase productivity across your entire organization with Wavebox.

Fast & focused working

Know that everyone can stay focused using the right tools, without distractions.

Right tools, right people

From handling multiple app sign-ins to optimizing memory, your team will save time and work more efficiently.

Unified chat & messaging

Chat, call, and screen share from the browser, with end-to-end encryption and zero faff.

Easy invite & admin screens

Easily invite team members to share workspaces, and manage your subscriptions in the app Settings.

The instant browser that's ready for work.

When a new hire installs Wavebox, they'll have everything they need to start work. Gone are the days of installing different desktop apps, signing-in to mulitple tabs, or toggling different browsers. One install, one Wavebox.

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Sign-in once to all your web apps, including multiple Gmail, Monday, Asana or ClickUp accounts.

The only browser with  team tools built-in.

Use your own Wavebox setup to create a custom template for your team/organization, or use a pre-built template to onboard new users quickly.

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Create flexible project workspaces.

Use workspaces to bring together web resources for any project. Add links to documents, shortcuts to web apps, sticky notes, desktop notification list and much more. Then share with your team for easy collaboration.

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Flexible workspaces for any project.

Unlimited teamsUnlimited workspaces

Get started with Wavebox in 3 easy steps:

Wavebox unites teams with all web resources they need to work efficiently on the web. It's super-easy to get started:

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  • 1

    Install Wavebox

    Download Wavebox and install on macOS, Windows or Linux. Add all the apps you use daily to get work done.

  • 2

    Create a Team

    In the app, go to 'Settings > My Wavebox > Buy Team Seats' to purchase seats and create a new team.

  • 3

    Share & Connect

    Allocate seats to users and send invite emails to your team. Use Connect to DM, voice/video call and screen share with your team, and create a shared workspace for apps, websites and weblinks.

Sign-in once to all your web apps, including multiple Gmail, Monday, Asana or ClickUp accounts.

Safely save & share passwords.

We've nailed the tech behind multiple account sign-in so you can stay signed-in to everything. Wavebox has a built-in password manager, or you can use your favorite Chrome extension. You can also share passwords securely using Templates.

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One-click calling and screen share.

Zoom, Slack and Teams all work wonderfully in Wavebox. But when you need to share your screen in just one click and brainstorm ideas across ClickUp, Figma & Drive, there's no simpler way than with Connect, our built-in chat, calls, screen & file sharing extension.

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Enjoy one-click chat, calls and screenshare, straight from the browser.
Get in touch for a discount on multiple seat purchases

Easy admin & consolidated billing.

Manage your teams and people using the in-app Admin screens. We offer generous discounts on multiple seat purchases. Please contact us to claim your team discount code.

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With Wavebox we can do more in less time, and delight our customers like never before.

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Wavebox is trusted by over 5,000 teams across the globe.

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An OS in itself

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We run the very latest version of Chromium.

I struck GOLD!

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We love what we do, and offer world-class support.

Smooth, fast & fluid

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Powering Productivity.

Let Wavebox do the hard work so you can stay innovative and grow your business.

Live & Proven

Install today & be blown away on mac, Windows and Linux.

Everything Works

Spend time working & not reporting bugs.

Expert Support

Our support team are diligent, kind & super-friendly.

Secure & Resilient

We update within a few days of any Chromium release.

In-House Dev

We have a team of talented UK-based Chromium developers.


Our releases are packed with user-requested features.

macOS | Linux | Windows

Save 2 days a week by using Wavebox instead of Chrome.