• 🤖 Apps are essentially tabs that have been 'boosted' to gain extra features such as unread badges & notifications.
  • Apps are permanent tabs that live in a group. They appear as icons in the top toolbar (left or right) or under the group icon in the webdock. An App can be anything with a URL like Slack, Basecamp, Gmail, Proton Mail, Dropbox, Reddit, Twitter, your business website, company intranet, or even just a web doc on Drive.
  • When you add a URL to Wavebox as an App (rather than keeping it as a tab) you can benefit from extra features like enhanced notifications and badges. We recommend adding any site you frequently use as an app to get to it quickly.
  • You can create an App in three main ways:
  • Click + in the webdock to create a group, and then 'Start with an App' to launch the App Directory. You can find an app in the store or use the 'Add any Website' button to add any URL.
  • Click on + in the top toolbar and then 'Add your first App' or 'Add another App.'
  • Right-click on any page/tab and select 'Boost this tab Tab' to boost it into an app.

Apps are feature-rich and offer powerful customization options. Right-click on any App icon and then 'Settings > App Settings' to see the full list of features, including icon image and color, sleep settings, and badge and notification settings to keep you up-to-date.

Learn the differences between groups, apps and tabs in this blog post.