Wavebox's unique Navigator lets you view all your apps & tabs by memory consumption.

Unique to Wavebox is the Navigator.  A visual map of all your running web apps, tabs and windows.

  • To launch the Navigator click on the 'Compass' icon in the title bar (top-right), or in the sidebar (bottom-left)
  • The thumbnails can be arranged using the icons top-left by group (uneven block icon), app group (even block icon) or CPU consumption (speedometer icon) with the largest using the most memory.  
  • Move your mouse over the title bar of any app/tab/window to see how much memory it's using.  
  • You can close tabs and windows by clicking on the X icons.
  • You can sleep apps by clicking on the 'moon' icons.
  • To keep the Navigator open, click on the 'pin' icon top-right.
  • To display everything in Wavebox, including sleeping apps and tabs, click on the 'moon' icon (top-left beneath the zoom in and out icons)
Navigator now has the option to show everything in Wavebox.