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7th November 2023

Tutorials: Share your Favorite Workflows

We are creating some new Wavebox tutorial videos and are eager to feature your real-world workflow examples. So grab a coffee, and spend 2 minutes completing our short Google form to get involved. 🤩🤩


11th October 2023

Blog Tutorial: Multi-Account Sign-In

Learn how to use cookie containers to stay signed-in to all your client's accounts.

We've nailed the tech behind multiple account sign-in so you can stay signed-in to everything and focus on work, rather than navigation. In this blog you can learn how to setup two clients/customers in the webdock.


29th September 2023

New Release: Brainbox on your Desktop

🤖 Power-Up your Desktop Apps with Brainbox ChatGPT assistant.

With a single click, you can use Brainbox—our ChatGPT AI Assistant—right where you need it most, thereby limiting distractions and maintaining context as you work.


20th September 2023

Blog Tutorial: Duplicate Groups

Learn how to use our new Duplicate group feature.

This time-saving new feature allows you to create an identical copy of an existing group with just a few clicks, significantly reducing the time you would ordinarily spend setting up a new group from scratch.


14th July 2023

New Online Directory of Wavebox Consultants

Complete this online form to get listed in our new Wavebox Approved Trainer/Consultant directory. We're putting it together now for an 2023 launch on wavebox.io and blog.


13th July 2023

New Release: Support for Mulitple Chrome Extension Accounts

Run multiple accounts of the same extension e.g. HubSpot, MixMax, LastPass.

Recently released in Wavebox are additional container controls that allow you to manage which extension accounts run in which containers, for customers or different businesses. Learn more.


15th June 2023

New Release: Updates to Side Panel and New Container Options

You can now use Smart Notes and Mini from the side panel.

In this week's release, we've updated to the latest Chromium, added Smart Notes and Wavebox Mini to the new side panel, and added two new options for clearing cookies from containers.


7th June 2023

New Release: UI Updates and New Side Panel

New icons for split-screen and side panel.

In this week's release, we've given the address bar icons a refresh and added support for a new side panel, with views for Brainbox, extension APIs, bookmarks, plus a Wavebox What's New feed.


2nd June 2023

Tutorial Video: Webdock Layouts

Learn about the List and Explorer Webdock Layouts

This tutorial showcases the two webdock modes: List Layout and Explorer Layout. Learn how to switch between the two layouts and leverage the different features to best organize your daily workflows. Includes nested tab folders and global search.


30th May 2023

New Brainbox Beta: Workflows

Brainbox is working on something rather amazing!

What's the most time-consuming app-to-app workflow you would give anything to automate? Brainbox can now automate workflows, so click on this link to join in our new incredible Beta.


26th May 2023

What's New Update

Catch up with the latest updates for April 2023.

Quick 3 minute update on Brainbox ChatGPT, new Site Search, AI Sleep Engine, new Link Engine rules, Shift & Click shortcut for the Webdock, and more!


26th May 2023

QuickTip Video: Focus Mode

Stay focused throughout your day using focus mode.

This QuickTip video shows you how to enter and leave focus mode and how to create multiple 'zones' to mute apps/tabs in a particular group and set a timeframe for each, e.g. muting all your home apps until after work.


15th May 2023

New Release: Badges & Notifications

Unread badge update for custom web apps.

In this week's release is an update to badge and notification support for boosted tabs and custom apps.


4th May 2023

New Release: Chromium and Brainbox Updates

Save & Continue Chats, Stay in Conext and GPT-4.

This week's Wavebox release brings an all-important update to Chromium, plus some great updates to Brainbox, our AI co-pilot.


4th May 2023

New Release: AI Sleep Engine

Maximise performance with these new sleep settings.

We've updated the Sleep section in Settings to give you more control over your performance options.


8th March 2023

Brainbox is Back!

The power of ChatGPT to every app and tab in Wavebox.

Brainbox, our powerful OpenAI Assistant, makes a welcome and exciting return, and it's bigger and better than ever!


Jan-Sept 2023

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08.02.23 | 🥳   NEW! 2023 Reboot! Biometric support for Privacy Lock, Embedded iFrame Widget, and lots more. From bulk-tab sleeping to multi-monitor hopping, discover some great Wavebox new features.

08.02.23 | 🥳   NEW! 2023 Reboot! App Store Revamp, Installer Update, and New Admin Portal. We've been busy! Say hello to these fabulous new features! *Includes important account management information.

12.01.23 | 🥳   RELEASE: Stable Release Version 10.109.8 New Settings UI, overhauled search, updates to Focus Mode and Google Calendar widget.