Wavebox is the best client for your web app.
Wavebox is the best client for your webapp.


Speed up creative projects with fast feedback and a better workflow. Trusted by thousands of teams worldwide to work with their clients & team – Atarim cuts turnaround times for creative projects from weeks (if not months) to days. It’s time to work together without the chaos. Get on the same page,…

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Wavebox is the best desktop client for Atarim. Our Chromium browser is packed with time-saving productivity features that will help you work quickly across all your favorite webapps and achieve more in your day.

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Available for macOS, Windows & Linux

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  • macOS, Linux, and Windows
  • Stay signed-in to all your accounts
  • Vertical toolbar, groups & tab organizing
  • App and tab sleeping
  • Instant and scheduled focus mode
  • Desktop notifications & unread badges
  • Built-in chat and calls
  • All chrome extension support
  • Workspaces for individuals & teams
  • Intelligent tab-to-tab linking
  • Consolidated billing
  • Chromium release parity
  • No sponsored ads/tracking
  • Supported by kind humans

Stay signed-in.

We've nailed the tech behind multiple account sign-in so you can stay signed-in to everything without using profiles or switching browsers. Stay signed-in to all your web apps, including multiple Gmail, Monday, Asana, or ClickUp accounts.

Our Chromium platform
Sign-in once to all your web apps, including multiple Gmail, Monday, Asana or ClickUp accounts.
Replace tab toggling with one intelligent platform that throttles memory on the fly

Blazingly fast.

Go from 0 to 60 apps in under 2 seconds. Wavebox replaces browser switching and tab toggling with one intelligent platform that throttles memory on the fly to give you a fast & flawless performance as you work.

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Flexible project workspaces.

Use workspaces to bring together web resources for any project. Add links to documents, shortcuts to web apps, sticky notes, desktop notification list and much more. Keep them private or share with a team—you can also use workspaces to create a time-saving new tab page.

Discover workspaces
Flexible workspaces for any project.
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Absolute BEST tool for any EA. Ever.

Best tool for any Executive Assistant, ever.

Lindsay on Trustpilot

Most important SaaS buy of the year.

Most important saas buy of the year.

Nick on Trustpilot

Couldn't work without it!

Wavebox is essential to my workflow. Love it!

Tom on Trustpilot

macOS | Linux | Windows

Work better on the web.