Desktop Browser for MacOS, Windows & Linux

Use widget dashboards to bring it all together.

Bring scattered web resources together so you can organize projects, onboard new hires, create custom new tab pages, and so much more...

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Tab Dashboards

Bring projects into focus.

Add a Dashboard to the webdock or group tabstrip. Then use widgets to organize web resources together for projects or clients—sticky notes, task lists, collection (sessions), RSS feeds and embedded webviews.

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Nuggets of cleverness

Stickies, tasks & RSS feeds.

Click on Add Widget to bring up the Library. Use sticky notes and task widgets to save what's important, or use My Wavebox to track how much time you spend in each app.

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Built-in Ai assistant on every page.

✨ Built-in AI assistant on every page.

Use your favorite AI engine within the context of the app/tab you're on. Pre-canned skills are available in the page right-click menu, and you can create your own skills in seconds. If AI isn't for you, it can be disabled easily.

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Use again and again

Collections and sessions.

Use a Collection Widget to create tab sessions to use again and again. Right-click on any page to add it to an existing Collections widget.

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Launchpad for tasks

Customize new tab pages.

Create a dashboard to use as your new tab page. Use it as a launchpad for your favorite apps and websites. Or brand it up to use in your team template.

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Share with your team.

You can keep Dashboards private or share them with your team. Use it to bring documents together for clients or projects.

Shared Team Browser
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Feature-rich & customizable.

More browser features you'll love.

Privacy Lock

Lock the app using a pin, password or biometrics

Password Manager

Built-in to the browser. Import passwords from Chrome.

Unified Search

Keyword search to find anything in the browser.

Team Admin

Manage team subscriptions with consolidated billing.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Join other Waveboxers to get help and share tips.

Sync Computers

Pick up where you left off on any computer.

Live your best digital life in Wavebox.