make the simple switch

Too many ads and tabs?

There is another way.

Confusing tabs, continuous ads, constant signing in-and-out? No thanks. We prefer organized toolbars, ad-free apps, and staying signed-in. And we know you do too! Browse the use cases below to see how you will benefit from switching to Wavebox for work.


Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & Start-Ups.

From Xero to LinkedIn, you work quickly across lots of web apps to run your business.

Example Setup: Add your web apps to the sidebar, then keep organized by adding related apps and websites to each. Use pins to save frequently visited pages and App Tabs for focused browsing.


  • Everything tidy and in one place.
  • Keep up-to-date with unread badges and notifications.
  • Sleep inactive apps to save memory.
Get organized & stay focused


Product & Department Managers etc.

From Salesforce to Gitlab, you need to multi-task across a set of key tools to get work done.

Example Setup: Bring previously siloed apps together in sidebar groups to work faster. Keep everything in the same cookie container so that links work between apps and everything stays signed-in.


  • Unify your workflows in one organized place.
  • Work seamlessly from app-to-app using the Link Engine.
  • Effortlessly search across all your apps and tab.
Transform how you work

I went from a million apps running in the background and a couple of browsers to a one single VERY smart hub for everything.

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Virtual Assistants & Marketing Managers etc.

You need to stay signed-in to multiple client accounts, such as Google Drive and Office365.

Example Setup: Add your own apps to the sidebar in one cookie container. Then create sidebar groups for each client, adding all the apps and websites you need for each. Use a different cookie container for each client to stay correctly signed-in.


  • Stay signed-in correctly to all your client apps.
  • Sleep inactive client apps to save memory.
  • Keep up-to-date with unread badges and notifications.
Delight your clients


Work & Home App Users.

From MailChimp to WhatsApp, you multi-task across work & home apps throughout the day.

Example Setup: Add your work apps to the sidebar using one cookie container. Then add all your home apps using a different cookie container. Add two collapsable sidebar dividers called 'Work' and 'Home' to keep organized.


  • All your apps in one organized place.
  • Confidently switch between work and home apps.
  • Keep up-to-date with home and work.
Safely use work and home apps

Waveboxs centralised dashboard, smart interface and ability to customise features makes it the perfect tool for achieving more clarity at work.

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Remote & Virtual Workers.

From HubSpot to Dropbox, you rely on a mix of apps and remote working tools to work with your team.

Example Setup: Add all your apps to the sidebar using the same cookie container so links work across them. Share large files with teammates, and jump in-and-out of calls/screen-shares without the faff.


  • Use workspaces for sharing apps and links.
  • Quick one-click, picture-in-picture audio/video connections.
  • Work as if you're in the same room.
Enjoy one-click connections


Small to Medium Sized Teams.

From MSTeams to AWS, your teammates share the same apps and workflows, so easy onboarding is essential.

Example Setup: Use the shared workspace to setup your sidebar in minutes. Quickly DM a teammate, then start a chat, picture-in-picture calls and screen-share, without leaving the app.


  • Shared workspaces for quick onboarding.
  • Everything you need at your fingertips within minutes.
  • Replace zoom meetings with simple, one-click connections.
Work better together

3 reasons to try Wavebox:

Work faster than in Chrome

It's the best tool for the job.

Most browsers don't meet the demands of how we work online today. Wavebox, on the other hand, is built just for working - your apps & performance are top priority!

Stay signed-in, link across apps and always be up-to-date with what's new.

You can focus on work, not ads.

Free browsers are optimized to show you distracting ads. Great for shopping, not for working. With no ads in Wavebox, you can 100% focus on achieving your goals.

Easily navigate all your cloud apps using the Wavebox

We do cookies, the right way.

Do away with Chrome's clunky profiles. We've crafted our super-tasty cookie containers, so you can easily work in multiple accounts side by side.

Give your apps a boost!

Make sure you get the best from your favorite web tools.

Yeah, optimize how I work!