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See a need, fill a need.

Back in 2016, busy developer Thomas_101 needed to stay signed-in to multiple Gmails. So fed up was he with signing in and out of accounts and switching between browsers to check his mail, he began building Wmail using Electron to do this automatically.

As it turned out, lots of other busy people needed Wmail too, and soon it was rebranded as Wavebox with thousands of users worldwide.

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Our move to Chromium.

But as the feature requests rolled in, Electron became a challenge to maintain, and the bug list rocketed. Not good. So Tom & the team made the epic decision to re-build Wavebox on Chromium,, the browser framework built and maintained by Google

Our Chromium backstory >

Everything just works.

Difficult though it was, the move to Chromium gave us the flexibility, reliability, and resilience we needed to build our work browser. This solid Chromium foundation enabled us to focus on adding productivity features, rather than fixing bugs.

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Zero ads or tracking.

With six years of Chromium development, bug fixes, and feature requests under our belt, we're well on the way to building a better browser. We're profitable too, since we made the decision early on to charge a small subscription fee for our browser, which also means zero ads, zero product placements, and zero sponsored links. This pricing model allows us to focus on product-led growth, and our users to focus on getting work done.

Think inside the box.

Our online worlds are chaotic, cluttered, and disorganized, and we don't have the right tools to sort it out. Even though we do all our work on the web, the Electron-built desktop apps we use have insufficient web capabilities, are siloed, and therefore don't work together. Although improving, existing browsers aren't built to handle the increasing number of tabs and web accounts we use on a daily basis, which leaves us feeling disorganised and overwhelmed. But there is another way.

Our vision is to provide a hybrid solution that is as feature-rich as a desktop app, but works seamlessly online like a browser - the best of both, and built on Chromium.

Chromium has the flexibility and scalability we need to realize our vision. With the help of our users, we aim to build a better browser for work, power productivity with every click, and push Chromium to its limits.

We aim to empower users by delivering these 6 key benefits:

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Pure genius.

Pure genius!

Dario on Capterra

Simplifies my workflow

Simplifies my workflow

Matt on Capterra

Best alternative browser

Best alt browser

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Powering Productivity.

Let Wavebox do the hard work so you can stay innovative and grow your business.

Live & Proven

Install today & be blown away on mac, Windows and Linux.

Everything Works

Spend time working & not reporting bugs.

Expert Support

Our support team are diligent, kind & super-friendly.

Secure & Resilient

We update within a few days of any Chromium release.

In-House Dev

We have a team of talented UK-based Chromium developers.


Our releases are packed with user-requested features.

No ads, no tracking. Join us and together we'll re-build the browser.

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