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Our online worlds are chaotic and cluttered, and we lack the tools to organize them.

Our vision is to build a flexible and feature-rich platform that makes working and living online safe and hassle-free. Chromium has the flexibility and scalability we need to realize our vision.

We work closely with our users to ensure Wavebox meets their needs and delivers results.

Wavebox is the super powewr browser for busy people

From Strength To Strength...

📬 WMail Launched, built on Electron

⚡️ Move from Electron to Chromium

🤖 Wavebox is the first browser with GPT-3

🚀 Wavebox for Teams Reboot

✨ New UI/UX and Spaces Relaunch.

Founders Behind Wavebox

Rhys Jones


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Thomas Beverley



Co-Founder Susan Davies

Susan Davies



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We care about the little BIG things.

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Currently being monitored and audited for SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliance.

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