Optimize Team Tools.

Focus your team with a fast and secure browser that’s built for the job. Remove distractions, enhance apps with great new features, and improve machine performance to increase productivity across your entire organization with Wavebox.

Yes, I want instant calls & screen-share.

Focused & shared workspaces.

Whether working remotely or in the office, you'll feel in control with workspaces. Pre-load company apps, and create shortcuts for key docs and links, then share with your team.

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Picture-in-picture calls for Slack.

Improve your team collaboration tools with Connect - a pop-out side panel for chat, calls, screen-share, and file share. Enjoy encrypted picture-in-picture calls in Slack, and share your screen in just a few clicks.

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enjoy picture-in-picture calls in Slack

My team gets things done in less than half the time. It's a great feeling knowing that everything they need is at their fingertips.

André Henke Marques, Northern Lights Village.

Northern Lights Village uses Wavebox.

Switching from Chrome? No problem.

Import your passwords from chrome during setup

Import your passwords.

Use a chrome extension like Lastpass, or import your passwords in a couple of clicks.

Import all your bookmarks and frequently visited apps

Import your bookmarks.

A quick export --> import and all your favorite places are in Wavebox. Sorted.

All new windows in Wavebox support tabs

Use focused App Tabs.

Can't live without tabs? Use tidy & organized tabs within apps and groups.

Wavebox has more settings than you can shake a stick at

Customize settings.

Keep the default settings or make changes to make everything right for you.

Wavebox has 5 star reviews on Trustpilot.

Cookie containers, toolbars and notifications.

If your team works mostly on the web, features such as multi-account sign-in (cookie containers), unified search, toolbars for creating faster workflows, and unread badges, will make life so much easier.

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Spring clean your apps to save time & money.

With Wavebox, clunky desktop apps are no longer needed, and costly Chrome extensions can be dropped. You'll save by only using the tools you need. Get in touch with us to learn how you can make savings by re-evaluating existing tools.

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Unite apps with people, in one focused place.

Share app workflows with your team

Focused working.

Provide a customized workspace with all your company's apps and websites. Know that everyone can stay focused using the right tools, without distractions.

Wavebox helps bring remote workers together

Right tools, right people.

From handling multiple app sign-ins to optimizing computer performance, Wavebox helps your team to save time and work more efficiently.

Easily onboard your team to Wavebox and boost productivity

Remote collaboration.

Chat, call, and screen share as you work. Wavebox connections have end-to-end encryption and work without meetings codes or links.

Teams worldwide are using Wavebox to work better together.

Breezeweb use Wavebox to manage all their cloud services

Wavebox makes working with our various cloud services a breeze. Its far ahead of other apps in this space (and weve tried a bunch of them). Great customer service too!

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Waveboxs centralized dashboard, smart interface and ability to customize features makes it the perfect tool for achieving more clarity at work.

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Northern Lights Village use Wavebox for their team to provide easy access to company websites and SaaS services

Were already seeing the benefits of using Wavebox. My team can get things done in less than half the time by having all their apps in one place.

Northern Lights Village

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Give your team the best tool for the job.

Make life easier for everyone with a browser that's built for work.

5000+ teams worldwide---------latest chromium updates---------rated 4.8 ★★★★ on TrustPilot