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One organized place for everything web.

Feeling overwhelmed with too many apps & tabs to manage? With its clean UI and intuitive navigation, Wavebox brings calm to the chaos. It's time to take back control and create a new permanent home for your favorite web tools and resources.

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Take Control - One organized place for everything you use on the web
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OS for the Web

One focused place.

Imagine having Notion, AirTable, ClickUp, Slack, and all your daily web tools organized, always signed-in and where you left off. That's Wavebox.

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Switch between Notion, AirTable, ClickUp and all your other daily web tools in the main window, building workflows as you go.
Webdock & Groups

Nice & tidy.

The webdock provides fast access to your favorite tools. Click on + to create a group, add an app/website/URL or just browse using tabs. Then add collapsable dividers to organize your groups, and add folders to organize your tabs.

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Apps & Tabs

Time-saving workflows.

You can create workflows by adding apps/websites to each group. Add apps like Google Calendar, Grammarly, Todoist, and MailChimp to the top horizontal toolbar and switch between them to get work done.

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Wavebox helps us streamline our business and produce outstanding results for our clients.

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Jumpstart tasks using fast actions in the tooltip menu
Hover Menu

Tooltip menus & fast actions.

Hover over any icon to display the tooltip menu where a recent thumbnail will remind you what's there. There's also a list of recently visited pages you can save, and some fast action prompts to kick-start tasks.

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Focus Mode

Mute the noise.

The web is a busy and distracting place. But if you need some quiet time you can use the Focus Mode panel to turn-off notifications, badges, and sounds for a selection of apps, or for everything.

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Use the Focus Mode panel to turn off notifications, badges and sounds for a selection of apps, or all of them.
Use tabs within a group and/or app to stay focused.
App Tabs

Use tabs in context.

We've finessed how tabs work to minimize distractions and help you stay focused. Tabs are displayed within a group or app, so you're always working in context. They can be moved between groups/apps, easily found using the search, and saved as a session to use again later.

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Notifications & Badges

Stay up-to-date on everything in the browser!

When it comes to notification handling, no other browser comes close to Wavebox. With the help of these six features, you'll always be up-to-date across every app and tab.

With these six unique features you'll always be up-to-date across everything you use in Wavebox.

Desktop Notifications

Customize desktop notification settings for all your apps including sounds, and mute using Focus Mode.


Customize unread badges for each group/app. Change the color and hide using Focus Mode.

Tray Icon Count

Use the Tray Icon to keep track of your unread count when not in Wavebox. Customize the layout and colors.

Wavebox Mini

Real-time pop-out modal showing everything that's new in Wavebox. Includes a list of unreads by group, unified unreads and notifications.

Notification Sounds

Hear a toot for Trello and a squeak for Slack - you can select a different sound for your most important apps.

Workspace Widgets

Create individual Wavebox Mini widgets for your workspaces. Unread widgets can be customized by group/apps.


Work in apps side-by-side.

When you need to work in multiple apps to complete daily tasks, split-screen will save so much time. Split any app/tab into resizable pages, then work across them simultaneously.

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Quick Switch & Shortcuts

Quick navigation.

Use the keyboard shortcuts and the Quick Switch to move quickly between apps and tabs. Use Ctrl/Alt+Q to toggle between two apps and Ctrl/Alt+Tab to switch between your 5 most recently used apps.

More great features
Keyboard shortcuts and quick switch help you to navigate your apps
Pop-out your notifications and sticky notes.
Mini Menu & Widgets

At your fingertips.

All Wavebox pop-out modals, including the Wavebox Mini, Sticky Notes, and Navigator, are always visible on your desktop. This means you can stay up-to-date even when you're not using Wavebox.

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Wavebox Connect

Instant screenshare.

Use the Connect main window microbar to see who's online, then click to send a quick DM to any teammate, and with another quick click you can share your screen!

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Use the Connect microbar on the right hand side of the main Wavebox window to see who's online, then click their avatar to send a DM

Customize. Save. Repeat.

Our default settings are pretty awesome, but you can customize just about everything to personalize your Wavebox experience.

App Icons

Use the default icons or upload your own.


Rename groups and apps so they're easy to find in search results.

App Colors

Customize app borders & unread badges.


Add any theme from the Chrome Web Store.

Dark Mode

Use your OS dark mode, or add any Chrome extension.

App Tabs

Right-click on any tab to rename it.


Click on the pencil next to any pin to rename & upload a new icon.


Upload your own background and colors.

Our team can organize and manage our clients' accounts using cookie containers. We save so much time!

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Create a new tab page for each cookie container

Customize new tab pages.

Make life easier by having quick links to relevant resources on every new tab. You can choose any workspace as the 'New Tab' for each cookie container or group, and include sticky notes, RSS feeds, task lists, and shortcuts, etc.

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Desktop Web Apps

Install any URL.

Fancy having an Instagram icon in your taskbar? Or WhatsApp in your OS switcher? No problem. Install any URL on your desktop and it will look and behave like a native app.

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Install any URL as a desktop app.
Automatically lock your Wavebox after a period of inactivity
Privacy Lock

Browser lock.

Activate the privacy lock to hide Wavebox after a period of being idle. Click on the padlock icon (bottom left) or use the keyboard shortcut to lock your browser instantly. Enter your password, pin or biometric to unlock and get back to work.

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Work flows better in Wavebox.