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It's the getting tabs sorted browser.

Sort your daily apps and websites into separate spaces for work, home, side hustle, clients, projects, and school. You'll enjoy being organized and 50% more productive.

Instant browser boost!

Bring it all together.

Whether it's for work, home, projects, college, or a side hustle, Wavebox is the new home for all your daily apps. Stay signed-in to everything and effortlessly switch between them to get stuff done.

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Stay signed-in to everything

App-centric navigation

Use apps, just like your phone.

In Wavebox, apps are central to navigation rather than tabs. You can group them in the sidebar, like you do on your phone, making it easy to stay organized. Faster navigation leads to quicker task resolution. Say goodbye to tab overwhelm for good.

App Directory
Stay signed-in to everything

Bye bye, busy work

Stay signed-in.

If you need to use lots of web accounts of the same type, Wavebox has you covered. Stay signed-in to everything without switching browsers or Chrome profiles—you can even work across multiple Microsoft Teams, Asana, Slack, or ClickUp accounts effortlessly.

Wavebox Platform
Stay signed-in to everything
Built-in Ai assistant on every page.

✨ Built-in AI assistant on every page.

Use your favorite AI engine within the context of the app/tab you're on. Pre-canned skills are available in the page right-click menu, and you can create your own skills in seconds. If AI isn't for you, it can be disabled easily.

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Give all your apps a productivity boost!

Wavebox has over 2,500 custom integrations to boost your favorite apps. Boosted apps have a customizable icon, unread badge, custom sleep settings and more.

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Group apps to create faster workflows

Workflow like a pro

Links just work.

Click on an Airbnb link in WhatsApp, and it will open in the Airbnb app—why wouldn't it? All apps work together, so you can hop seamlessly between them to get stuff done.

Productivity Boosts
Everything works together


Mute the noise.

When you need some quiet time, click on the bell bottom-left to enable Focus Mode. This temporarily turns off notifications, badges, and sounds for everything, or a set of selected groups.

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Stay signed-in to everything
All your favorite web apps and websites are already in Wavebox

Your favorite email, apps and websites are already here.

With more custom integrations than any other browser, Wavebox is the best platform for founders, businesses and teams.

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Badges & notifications

Never miss a thing.

No other browser handles unread badges and notifications as well as Wavebox. Unread badges, desktop notifications, and custom inboxes keep you updated 24/7.

Wavebox Platform
Unread badges, just like your phone

Split-screen & multi-window

Work in apps & tabs side-by-side.

When you need to work in multiple apps and tabs to complete daily tasks, split-screen will save so much time. Split any app/tab into resizable pages, then work across them simultaneously—even two accounts of the same type e.g. two Gmail Calendars.

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Stay signed-in to everything

Speedy navigation

Search across all apps, tabs and dashboards.

Hit Crtl+S and use the search shortcut to find apps, tabs, widgets, smart notes, and anything else in the browser! You can also use the search icon top-right and add a search widget to your new tab page.

Productivity Boosts
Custom keyboard shortcuts

Speedy navigation

Custom keyboard shortcuts.

With everything in one window, you can navigate quickly using custom keyboard shortcuts. Hit Crtl+S to bring up the Global Search, or use Ctrl+Tab to cycle your last 5 apps.

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Custom keyboard shortcuts
All your favorite extensions are in Wavebox

Use all your favorite extensions from the Chrome web store.

Visit the Chrome web store to choose from over 150k extensions. Plus 20+ built-in.

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120k+ Living their Best Digital Life.

Wavebox gets 5 stars on Capterra and Trustpilot

I use Wavebox everday to check all my social media apps.

Wavebox gets 5 start on Capterra



Amazing find! I'm so happy to be paying $100/year for this browser—you get what you pay for.



We can add multiple gmail accounts without shifting from browser to browser.


Capterra was the missing piece to my productivity puzzle! I'm so impressed by this software.



The absolute king of work browsers. Accept no substitute!



Having a single place to see all messaging platforms and notifications ensures I don't miss anything.



It is the #1 program I need for my Virtual Assistant business. I could never go back.



A browser For professionals To multitasks and be productive. I managed to save 30 to 40% of my time in comparison to the traditional browsers.



I have tested many productivity-oriented browsers and Wavebox is the most successful in terms of built-in features.



By using Wavebox my response time with tasks and communication has increased by 50%



An exceptional boost to my daily productivity and operation. I truly will keep using this product indefinitely!



I've been subscribed to Wavebox for the last 5 years or more. It's the best Chromium browser I've used.



Everything the product offers includes: 1. Cookie containers 2. Split screen 3. Link opening rules 4. groups, tabs, and organization



Live your best digital life in Wavebox.