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Work in context to stay focused and productive.

Wavebox is an intelligent browser that learns as you work. It automates slow manual tasks like signing in-and-out of accounts, and delivers a seamless experience for ClickUp, Notion, Slack, Trello, and all your daily web apps.

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Meet your 4 new daily productivity wins!

Say goodbye to constant signing in and out, juggling multiple browsers, and whizzing fans. Wavebox will improve your workflow and save you 90 minutes per day in 4 different ways:

Automate Tasks

Seamless Navigation

Work in context

Stay up-to-date

Kickstart every day by having all your best apps signed-in and ready to go.

Kickstart each day.

Everything stays organized and signed-in. No more opening tabs or logging in and out just to get started.

Using a separate, ad-free browser for work will help you stay focused.

With all your apps and tabs organized, muscle memory will take over, and significantly speed up navigation. More UI Features >

Fly through work.

Use the webdock, toolbar, tooltip menus to organize the apps & websites you use for any task or project.

Use the Quick Switch to navigate across recently used apps/tabs & search for anything you've been working on.

Use Workspaces to bring together scattered resources. Keep them private or share with your team. More about Workspaces >

Stay in context, stay focused and get work done quickly in Wavebox

Work in context.

Right-click on any page to easily add apps, websites, and links as you work. The more you use Wavebox, the better it gets!

Your tabs are separated by group or app, which ensures you maintain context and stay focused as you work.

The Link Engine enables links to work between apps. It learns as you work so you can create workflows on-the-fly. More Core Features >

Wavebox weaves all my web tools into a truly wonderful, productive experience.

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Catch up on everything in just one glance of the Wavebox Mini

Catch up in one glance.

Stay signed-in to every web app and account. No need to sign in and out or switch browsers to get work done.

Badges & notifications will keep you up-to-date so there's no need to manually check for updates.

No ads, focus mode, and unified search are just some of the reasons why you'll work faster in Wavebox. More UI Benefits >

Onboard your team.

Bring siloed collaboration tools together and stay up-to-date with notifications and badges.

Use Connect for easy DM, calls & screenshare without the faff. We've replaced meeting codes & links with one-click connections.

Immediately after install, your team can see the shared workspace and your hand-crafted workflows. More on Workspaces >

Quickly onboard your teammates
It feels like an upgrade

It feels like an upgrade.

Sleeping tabs and memory optimization = faster computer.

Distilling multiple desktop app clients (Slack, ClickUp, Trello, etc) into one browser = a faster machine.

Task and workflow automation, plus easy onboarding = time & efficiency savings for you & your team. More UI Benefits >

4 Built-in Productivity Super Powers.

1. Wavebox Mini.

Real-time list of all unread items and notifications. Accessible from your OS tray, or pop-out onto your desktop.

Wavebox Mini
Take Smart Notes as you work on the web

2. Smart Notes.

Take notes as you work in the browser. Each note links to the URL you're working on and is available via the Smart Notepad at all times. Read the blog >

3. Widgets.

Over 21 extension-style widgets to add to any workspace, and pop-out to your desktop. Replace memory-hungry chrome extensions with built-in equivalents that are secure and supported. Read the blog >

Over 20 extension-style widgets for workspaces
Choose which webmail account you want to use

4. Webmail Picker.

Click on any email address - in Wavebox or any other app on your computer - to bring up a list of all your webmail accounts. Read the blog >

We support 25+ non-profit organizations. Having containers for all the web app logins is invaluable.

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Find what you need.

With all your daily tools and resources tidy and organized, you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Our search is optimized for Wavebox, prioritizing recently used apps, tabs, pins, and workspace widgets at the top of any result.

Search using the address bar, Quick Switch, or workspace search widget. More UI Benefits >

Find what you need using the Quick Switch
How much time do you actually speng in Gmail?

Keep track of your apps.

Add the 'My Wavebox' widget to any private workspace to keep track of how much time you spend in each app.

Includes daily, weekly and monthly timeframes.

Shows which apps and profiles you use most. Does it feel like you spend all day in Gmail? It's time to find out! More Workspace Widgets >

The clever app client.

Unlike most desktop web app clients, Wavebox supports Chrome extensions and doesn't kick you out of the app to view a page on the web.

No other Chromium browser handles multiple account sign-in as well as Wavebox.

Chrome is optimized for Google Workspaces and Edge is optimized for Teams. Wavebox is optimized for both, and everything else too! More Platform Benefits >

A better client for all your web apps
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Work better on the web.