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Stay signed-in and get real-time notifications for every client account.

Wavebox is the ultimate productivity hack for managing multiple web app accounts on behalf of clients. Switch from Chrome to Wavebox to get organized, stay signed-in, and save up to 90 minutes per day.

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Simply the Best Platform for Virtual Assistants

Join other leading VA service providers worldwide in offering the best possible service to your clients.

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Zirtual - We find and train proactive, self-starter virtual assistants
Take Control - One organized place for everything you use on the web
Multi-account Sign-In

Stay signed-in to every web app account.

We've nailed the tech behind multiple account sign-in so you can stay signed-in to your work Google account, your private Google account, plus all your client Google accounts, in one secure browser. The same goes for Monday, Asana, ClickUp, and every other web apps too!

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Sign-in once to all your web apps, including multiple Gmail, Monday, Asana or ClickUp accounts.
Replace tab toggling with one intelligent platform that throttles memory on the fly
Fast, Smooth Performance

Go from 0 to 60 apps in under 2 seconds.

Wavebox replaces browser switching and tab toggling with one intelligent platform that throttles memory on the fly to give you a fast & flawless performance as you work. It doesn't matter how many tabs you have open in Wavebox, you'll enjoy a smooth and consistant performance.

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Toolbars & Link Engine

Get organized and work seamlessly across apps.

Let muscle memory take over. Organize all your work, home and client apps into groups in the sidebar and work effortlessly between them. The Quick Switch and customizable Keyboard Shortcuts will speed up navigation and help you stay focused. Our unique intelligent Link Engine allow links to work across apps.

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By using Wavebox my response time with tasks and communication has increased by 50%. I like it so much, I reached out to my coworkers, did a demo, and now several of them are signing up.

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Quick Switch & Search

Search multiple Google accounts.

All your client resources are sprinkled across the web with no easy way to search. Wavebox unites apps, tabs, smart notes, and widgets, so you can keyword search to find what you need quickly. You can even keyword search across all your Gmail and Google Drive accounts!

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Notifications & Badges

Stay up-to-date on everything in the browser!

When it comes to notification handling, no other browser comes close to Wavebox. With the help of these six features, you'll always be up-to-date across every app and tab.

With these six unique features you'll always be up-to-date across everything you use in Wavebox.

Desktop Notifications

Customize desktop notification settings for all your apps including sounds, and mute using Focus Mode.


Customize unread badges for each group/app. Change the color and hide using Focus Mode.

Tray Icon Count

Use the Tray Icon to keep track of your unread count when not in Wavebox. Customize the layout and colors.

Wavebox Mini

Real-time pop-out modal showing everything that's new in Wavebox. Includes a list of unreads by group, unified unreads and notifications.

Notification Sounds

Hear a toot for Trello and a squeak for Slack - you can select a different sound for your most important apps.

Workspace Widgets

Create individual Wavebox Mini widgets for your workspaces. Unread widgets can be customized by group/apps.

As a Virtual Assistant, Wavebox is wonderful for keeping all my clients separate and organized.

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Workspaces & Widgets

Use Workspaces to organize client cloud resources.

With workspaces, you can organize webapps and links for a particular client, project or task. Enjoy having everything at your fingertips from webapps and websites, to cloud documents and desktop notifications.

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Flexible workspaces for any project.
Create individual Wavebox worlds to keep things separate such as work, home, clients and different businesses.
Cookie Containers & Profiles

Safely isolate work, clients, and home.

Wavebox enables you to 'contain' all your online worlds to keep things tidy e.g. for work, home, clients, and different businesses. This is done using Cookie Containers or Profiles (multiple Waveboxes on one computer).

It's time to get organized
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The best desktop client for ClickUp
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The best desktop client for Asana
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OS for the Web

Get more from your favorite web tools & extensions.

Wavebox gives every web app a productivity boost, so you'll get more from your subscriptions. Wavebox has 20+ extensions built-in so you can save on paid-for Chrome extension subscriptions too.

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I don't know how I managed my client work before - it's a game changer! Their customer support is great. Thank you Wavebox.

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Create individual Wavebox worlds to keep things separate such as work, home, clients and different businesses.
Workspaces & Widgets

Take notes, create task lists, pin sticky notes.

Wavebox has over 20 extensions for you to try, including several productivity boosting tools. Pin a note to any web URL using Smart Notes, pop-out Sticky Notes to your desktop, and create sharable Task Lists for any workspace.

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ALL the platforms

Google, Microsoft & Apple.

With every release, Chrome integrates more with Google Workspaces, and Edge with Microsoft Teams. However, Wavebox supports all ecosystems equally so you can freely work across Gmail, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, Office365, iCloud, and every other app and service you rely on to get work done.

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Use all your favorite webapps in Wavebox on whatever platform you choose.

Wavebox has been a value-adding game-changer for my small business, supporting efficiencies and growth for our business and more importantly, our clients' businesses. Our favorite (and most valuable) subscription by far!

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