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Best productivity hack for VAs and agencies.

Stay signed-in to everything you need to run your business, and manage all your client accounts. That's Wavebox.

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Tidy happy VA teams

Busy Virtual Assistant businesses worldwide have more time to spend with their clients because they use Wavebox.

I don't know how we'd run Delocate without Wavebox! 👏🏻 .

Tom Hayden


For any VAs not using Wavebox, you're missing a game-changer.

Charlie Clarke

Empire Virtual Support

I don't know how I managed my client work before!

Shani Roberts

Crucial VA

Bye bye, busy work

Stay signed-in to everything.

Got different web accounts for work, home and all your clients too? No problem. Wavebox lets you organize your accounts into sandboxed spaces so you can stay signed-in to everything without switching browsers or Chrome profiles.

Wavebox Platform
Stay signed-in to everything

No more hassle!

Apps and badges, just like your phone.

Never miss an important notification again!  All accounts stay signed-in, with unread badges and desktop notifications to keep you up-to-date. The Wavebox Mini menu brings all your webmail, messaging and collaboration tools together in one list, so you can instantly see what's new. Genius!

Productivity Boosts
Stay signed-in to everything

The best browser for handling multiple clients.

VA professionals and creative agencies worldwide agree that Wavebox is the ultimate productivity hack for managing multiple web app accounts on behalf of clients.

Zirtual Startups
Crucial VA
Go Digital Hero
Go Digital Hero
Nifty Advisor Support
Empire Virtual Support
Empire Virtual Support
Boss Asistants
Why Wavebox?

Always signed-in

Stay signed-in to EVERY web app for yourself, your team and your clients in one secure browser.

Always organized

All the apps and websites you need for each client is tidy in the sidebar and you can pick up where you left off on any computer.

Always up-to-date

With real-time unread badges and notifications for all accounts, you'll always be up-to-date.

Focus on security

Easy, secure password sharing.

Rest assured that you can safely include passwords in your team template. Passwords are locked with a fully end-to-end encrypted master password. You can also use any Chrome password extension.

Safely share passwords

For growing VA teams

Fast onboarding for complex setups.

Wavebox has new hire onboarding and remote working tools built-in. You can choose to share a starter template or use Wavebox Live to lock-down features and pushout changes remotely.

Shared Team Browser
Work in apps side by side using split screen
All your favorite web apps and websites are already in Wavebox

Your favorite email, apps and websites are already here.

With more custom integrations than any other browser, Wavebox is the best platform for founders, businesses and teams.

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Give all your apps a productivity boost!

Wavebox has over 2,500 custom integrations to boost your favorite apps. Boosted apps have a customizable icon, unread badge, custom sleep settings and more.

More Features
Group apps to create faster workflows

Zero tracking or ads

Secure & compliant.

Wavebox is an independent, fast and reliable browser built in the UK. It has a Chromium foundation and is always up-to-date with the latest security updates. We are also in the process of being certified for SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliancy.

Wavebox Platform
ISO Compliance
SOC2 Compliant
GDPR Compliant
All your favorite extensions are in Wavebox

Use all your favorite extensions from the Chrome web store.

Visit the Chrome web store to choose from over 150k extensions. Plus 20+ built-in.

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Feature-rich & customizable.

More browser features you'll love.

Privacy Lock

Lock the app using a pin, password or biometrics

Password Manager

Built-in to the browser. Import passwords from Chrome.

Unified Search

Keyword search to find anything in the browser.

Team Admin

Manage team subscriptions with consolidated billing.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Join other Waveboxers to get help and share tips.

Sync Computers

Pick up where you left off on any computer.

Live your best digital life in Wavebox.