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Get started with Wavebox.

Wavebox will help you streamline your online workflows, reclaim wasted time, and stay organized throughout your work day. Here are some resources to help you get started.

1. Add your first sidebar groups.

Create an app group (rounded square icon) in the sidebar by clicking on the + icon at the bottom of the sidebar. App groups can contain one or more apps. You can rearrange the group order by dragging the icons. You can also move an app (circle icon) to a different group by right-clicking on the icon and selecting 'move app to'.

2. Create a workflow.

Next, add some more apps to each group to create a workflow. These will appear in the top toolbar, or in the sidebar beneath the main group app. There are a couple of easy ways to do this, just click on the + icon in the top toolbar or right-click on any group youve created in the sidebar and select 'Add another app'.

Discover cookie profiles

3. Change app sleep settings.

Wavebox keeps your machine running efficiently by sleeping apps that are not active. Some integrated apps will still get notifications and updated unread badges when they are sleeping.

To change your sleep settings, right-click on any app icon and click on 'App settings > Account & Behaviour > Sleep tab after minutes of inactivity'.

All apps have a 5 minute sleep time by default which is recommended if you have lots of apps in your workspace. To change the sleep settings for an app:

4. Learn about cookie profiles.

You may have noticed that when adding an app you are aksed to choose a cookie profile. Profiles sandbox your apps to preserve cookies, privacy and sign-in sessions. Wavebox tries to suggest the best profile for each app, normally the default profile is used for new apps. You can change the profile for your apps at any time by right-clicking on the app icon and selecting Settings > Profiles. The drag and drop profile manager will show you the cookie profile for each app.

Discover cookie profiles

5. Add chrome extensions.

You can add any Chrome extension to Wavebox. Just click on the blue globe icon in the sidebar to open a new window, and enter 'chrome web store' into the address bar. Select chrome web store from the list top open the store. Find the extension in the store and click on the 'Add to Wavebox' blue button.

6. Create private and shared workspaces.

Wavebox workspaces provide a central place to organize the apps/websites/pages you visit frequently. The Wavebox Mini (on the right) also provides an overview of everything that's new across all your apps. You can create private workspaces for yourself, or shared workspaces for your team.

7. Chat, call, screen share with your team.

Wavebox supports chat, calls, video meeting and screen-share straight from the browser - a service called Connect. To start using it, you'll first need to invite someone to chat too (well, duh). Once connected, you can share workspaces (apps and links) and chat as you work across all your apps. You can create teams of people to share with, create online rooms to hold meetings, and also see who is online.

8. Save pages as pins.

You can organise frequently used pages using tooltip menus. Tooltip menus appear when you hover over any group or app. Hover over any app (circle icon) and you'll see a list of recently visited places. Simply click on the pin icon next to any of the pages to save it to the 'pinned' list. You can edit the name of your pinned pages by clicking on the pencil icon.

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Lock your browser when you're away from your desk

How do I set the privacy lock?

Click on the yellow padlock icon in the sidebar (bottom) and follow the simple instructions.

Mute notifications to minimise distractions when you need time to concentrate

How do I mute notifications?

Click on the green bell icon in the sidebar (bottom) and enter a specific time or select a time period.

You can add any chrome theme to Wavebox

How do I change my theme?

Type 'chome web store' into the address bar in any Wavebox window and follow a link to the store. Browse the themes and click on the 'Add to Wavebox' button to try one out.

Wavebox supports all ad-blockers from the chrome web store

Does Wavebox have an AdBlocker?

Not at the moment - it's best to use an extension from the Chrome web store e.g. AdGuard.

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