Join us on our mission to create a better browser for work and home. It's time to ditch browser juggling and tab overwhelm in favour of faster navigation and organized spaces.

Built on Chromium - what makes Wavebox, Wavebox?

Find your Digital Calm in Wavebox.

All accounts start with a 7 day free trial of Wavebox Pro. After that you can stay on the free plan or subscribe to Wavebox Pro or Teams. No credit card is required to start the trial. We offer a no quibble 30 day money back guarantee if you decide Wavebox isn't for you.




  • Unlimited Spaces

  • 6 Apps

  • 1 Extension

  • Unlimited Dashboards

  • All your computers

Wavebox Pro

Best for individuals


per month

  • Unlimited Spaces & Apps

  • All extensions

  • Cloud Sync

  • Unlimited dashboards

  • All your computers


Best for businesses


per month, per user

  • Everything in Pro

  • Connect

  • Shared Dashboards

  • Wavebox Live

  • Consolidated Billing

😍 Busy people save time with Wavebox.

'Time & sanity saver'

Wavebox makes managing multiple companies and emails so easy!

Andrew Luce

'Go-to tool for Windows'

Organized browsing on steroids - with terrific support.

Miles on Trustpilot

'Makes life easy'

If you need organization and efficiency in your work and/or life, look no further!

Alexis Oganesoff

'Great support'

When I needed to contact support they were very helpful. 10/10.

Simon Clarke

Why pay for a browser? Because we know that's what you're thinking!

Zero ads, tracking or data mining

Your subscription allows us to offer you an ad and tracking free space and we don't share/sell your data.

Actually, you will save money.

Wavebox is packed with features, so you can save on chrome extensions and other SaaS subscriptions.

Supporting indie browsers.

Support a UK-built browser that is independent of big tech, not VC funded, and profitable.

70% discount for students

70% discount for education.

If you're in full-time education or you work in education, please start a 7 day trial using your education email address. Then email support to claim your discount.

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70% discounts for non-profits

70% discount for non-profits.

If you are a non-profit team, or you work in the non-profit sector, please start a 7 day trial using your .org email address. Then email support to claim your discount.

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🙋 Frequently Asked Questions.

Why should I pay for a browser?

It's simple: your subscription = amazing productivity features + no ads or tracking. We don't show any sponsored items, so your searches and start-up pages remain 100% your own, with Google tracking disabled by default. Wavebox is a browser that's focused on productivity-boosting features, rather than making money from ads.

What is in the free version?

Once your trial has ended you can continue to use Wavebox Basic with two groups and unlimited spaces. So for example, you can stay signed-in to 2 gmail accounts, work and home. You can upgrade to Pro at any time and any apps, websites, weblinks you added during your trial will instantly be available.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Subscriptions can be canceled at any time. In the app go to My Wavebox > Billing to manage your subscription. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you discover that Wavebox is not for you, just email for a refund.

Will I save money using Wavebox?

Absolutely. Wavebox supercharges all your favorite web apps so you'll get better value from all your existing subscriptions. Working faster and more efficiently will save you time and money, and since Wavebox has many extensions built-in, you can cancel some Chrome extension subscriptions too.

Can I manage my team subscriptions online?

Yes. Admins can manage multiple subscriptions from their own Wavebox account. The first person to create a team becomes the Admin, but this can be changed later via the Admin screens.

How do I get the 70% education/non profit discount?

Just install Wavebox and create an account, then email support to be placed on the discounted plan.

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Live your best digital life in Wavebox.