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Desktop Browser with Productivity and AI Buit-In for macOS, Linux and Windows.


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Wavebox is the best desktop client for apps to work together. Our Chromium browser is packed with time-saving productivity features that will help you work quickly across all your favorite web apps and achieve more in your day.

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Kick start your digital detox


Give all your apps a productivity boost!

Wavebox has over 2,500 custom integrations to boost your favorite apps. Boosted apps have a customizable icon, unread badge, custom sleep settings and more.

More Features
Group apps to create faster workflows


Fly through tasks.

Use groups in the sidebar (webdock) to organize your apps. Create a group for shopping 🛍️ or your finances 🤓. Each group has a tabstrip, so you can keep tabs tidy as you get things done.

More Features
Stay signed-in to everything

No more hassle!

Apps and badges, just like your phone.

Wavebox makes it easy to navigate apps, with icon unread badges and desktop notifications for all email accounts and web apps. The Mini brings all your webmail, messaging and collaboration tools together in one list, so you can instantly see what's new. Genius!

Productivity Boosts
Stay signed-in to everything


Use tidy tabs for everything.

Every group has a tab strip, so you can organize your tabs and stay focused on the task at hand. By not having to constantly search for missing tabs, you have more time to spend on getting things done.

Wavebox Platform
Work in apps side by side using split screen

Feature-rich & customizable.

More browser features you'll love.

Privacy Lock

Lock the app using a pin, password or biometrics

Password Manager

Built-in to the browser. Import passwords from Chrome.

Unified Search

Keyword search to find anything in the browser.

Team Admin

Manage team subscriptions with consolidated billing.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Join other Waveboxers to get help and share tips.

Sync Computers

Pick up where you left off on any computer.

It's all about trust

We care about the little BIG things.

Zero tracking

Your subscription allows us to build an ad-free, focused platform.


Always up-to-date with Chromium, an industry-standard foundation.


Proven, reliable, and audited with SOC2 & ISO compliance.

Live your best digital life in Wavebox.