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Features & Benefits.

Wavebox is a Chromium browser that's built for work. Use Wavebox to bring all your apps, email accounts and websites together in one focused place.

  • Add any app or chrome extension to WaveboxDesktop app for Codecademy.
  • Wavebox is built on a secure and resilient Chromium foundationSecure Chromium platform.
  • You can use any app, website, chrome extension in WaveboxUse ANY app, no integration required.
  • Unify all your email accounts for one inboxUnified inbox for all your email.
  • Easily manage multiple accounts of the same type e.g. GmailEasily manage multiple accounts.
  • Wavebox provides a unified view of all notificationsUnified notifications for all your apps.
  • Wavebox supports shared team workspacesTeam workspaces & more efficient workflows.
  • Wavebox has a built-in password manager, or you can use any chrome extensionIn-built password manager.
  • Support for all chrome extensionsSupport for all chrome extensions.
  • Wavebox has enhanced memory management and uses less memory than chrome tabsEnhanced machine performance.
  • Wavebox has in-built chat, video meetings and screensharingIn-built chat, video meetings & screen-share.

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Wavebox testimonial

Changed my life!

This has changed my life. The new version with full chrome support is insane and Im slowly turning my computer into a machine to just run Wavebox on.

Jack Skinner on Trustpilot.

Wavebox testimonial

We love Wavebox

Weve tried various other tools like Shift & Station, but now they feel clunky in comparison and I cant go back. Wavebox just takes everything to that next level of polish!

Rundle on Trustpilot.

Wavebox testimonial

Productivity boost.

Wavebox has done an amazing job of identifying all the inefficiencies of having to routinely access multiple web services for work, and solved every one of them.

David H on Trustpilot.

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