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Wavebox Approved Consultants Directory.

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Bryan Bennet | PDT

Asana and Team Productivity Tech | Helping Teams Get the Right Things Done

We help teams implement Asana and a productivity tech stack to make work management and team communication (1) Focused, (2) Efficient, and (3) Scalable.

Fitness Marketing Machine

Fitness Marketing Machine

Mike Montefusco | EST

We create automated solutions to help you serve your clients better, make more money and spend less time doing so!

Having the right marketing support can make all the difference. You don’t want to just survive, you want to dominate. We help our clients leverage data and automation to save time for what’s truly important, serving your clients and spending time doing what you love.



Angela Revell | AEST

We provide business education & guidance to micro & small businesses in a simplistic, easy manner to suit all.

With an extensive background in the Information Technology Industry, Business Solutions and Entrepreneurial Mindset Profiling – Revellation delivers a rounded service which provides quality solutions to business strategy, overload and technical education

Davis6 Consulting

Davis6 Consulting

Susan M Davis | US

Specializing in helping small businesses be more productive.

We have 20+ years of experience consulting to large Fortune 500 companies, but are now using our expertise, to help the small businesses. Our specialty is currently on Coda, helping users quickly build productive workflows and LOVE Wavebox! We can help you get started with Wavebox.

Weirdly Successful

Weirdly Successful

Adam Dobay | GMT

Providing neurodivergence-friendly consulting, workshops and frameworks.

We work with small business owners, freelancers, team leads and knowledge workers in developing and implementing high-ROI workflows. We also support those hoping to make their ways of working fit how their brain works -- especially ADHD, Autism, SPD brains.

Weirdly Successful

Captain Time Training

Garland Coulson | MDT

Time management speaker, author, trainer, coach and consultant and also the owner of the Chrono Tasks VA agency.

We offer a wide range of time management and productivity training options for organizations of all sizes. We deliver our training worldwide using a range of training delivery methods that include live training, live webinars, online courses and more.

Empire Virtual Support

Empire Virtual Support

Charlie Clarke | AEST

From systems and processes to administration, marketing, and bookkeeping—let our team provide instant relief from the operational vortex.

We help small businesses master their systems through workflows, processes and tech. We also support clients with operational delivery across admin, marketing and bookkeeping.

Footestar Consulting

FooteSTAR Consulting

Lynette Foote | AEST

We provide you with the freedom to expand your clientele, enhance your business relationships, effectively market your practice, and foster sustainable business growth.

FooteSTAR Consulting services provides specialise boutique support to new and existing small Allied Health practices nationally and across all time zones. We provide personalised support and guidance relating to practice management.

VA Insitute

VA Institute

Angela Revell | AEST

Industry Leaders in providing training programs, coaching & ongoing business development.

The VA Institute is your go-to resource for education, training and ongoing business development. We provide hands-on, practical support for Startups and established VAs alike. We take students from zero to launch in simple, easy to follow steps that will have them onboarding their first client in no time.


Fluidity | GMT

Designed to help your business thrive.

Our fresh approach to IT delivers simple, flexible ways to manage and protect your business while enjoying working with great technology. We’re based in Brighton in the United Kingdom, serving London and the South East.

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