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Tidy tabs, multi-account login, unified search, flexible workspaces, split-screen, built-in extensions, and so much more.

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Wavebox is a secure, private and feature-rich Chromium browser that's built for productive working across Google Workspaces, Microsoft Teams, ClickUp, Monday, Atlassian, Asana, AirTable, Slack, and every other web app you use to get work done.
Feels like an OS in itself.

Saves 50% Time

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Feels like an OS in itself.

Game Changer

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Feels like an OS in itself.

Best Team Browser

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Stay signed-in.

We've nailed the tech behind multiple account sign-in so you can stay signed-in to everything without using profiles or switching browsers. Stay signed-in to all your web apps, including multiple Gmail, Monday, Asana, or ClickUp accounts.

Our Chromium platform
Sign-in once to all your web apps, including multiple Gmail, Monday, Asana or ClickUp accounts.
Replace tab toggling with one intelligent platform that throttles memory on the fly

Blazingly fast.

Go from 0 to 60 apps in under 2 seconds. Wavebox replaces browser switching and tab toggling with one intelligent platform that throttles memory on the fly to give you a fast & flawless performance as you work.

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Intuitive navigation.

Let muscle memory take over. Vertical & horizontal toolbars provide fast access to all your web resources. Quick Switch and customizable Keyboard Shortcuts speed up navigation between everything. Tabs are arranged by group or app, so you'll stay in context whilst you work.

More navigation features
Replace tab toggling with one intelligent platform that throttles memory on the fly

Sync across all your computers.

Enjoy using Wavebox on all your computers and create cloud profiles to stay in sync. You can install Wavebox on macOS, Linux and Windows, so no matter what mix of operating systems you use, you'll have all your latest workflows at your fingertips.

Free 7-day test drive

With Wavebox, we can do more in less time and delight our customers like never before.

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Built-In ChatGPT assistant.

Replace distracting Google searches with Brainbox, our focused ChatGPT assistant. Ask a question about any app and get an instant, accurate reply. Or use the built-in skills like 'Summarizer' and 'Draft a Reply' to get help and save time with everyday tasks.

More about Brainbox
Click a Grammarly link in ClickUp and it will open in Grammarly.

Intelligent workflows.

We all hop between web apps like Trello, ClickUp and Jira to complete daily tasks. That's why we've made everything work together. Click a Grammarly link in ClickUp and it will open in Grammarly...why wouldn't it? Wavebox learns as you work across apps, so the more you use it the easier it gets.

Let's get productive people

All chrome extensions.

You can use any extension from the Chrome Web Store in Wavebox such as Grammarly, Boomerang and Lastpass. We also have a growing number of unique extensions baked into our browser offering features that are technically not possible with a Chrome extension.

Built-in extension guide
Learn more about Wavebox's browser widgets.

Unified search.

All your project work is currently scattered across the web with no easy way to search. Wavebox unites everything under one roof, so you can keyword search to quickly find what you need in any tab, widget, page or window. You can even keyword search across all your Gmail and Google Drive accounts!

More platform features

We support 25+ non-profit organizations. Having containers for all the web app logins is invaluable.

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All your Browser Essentials

Wavebox is packed with amazing unique features, plus all your favorite browser essentials.

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All Chrome Extensions.

Wavebox is built on Chromium so you can add any extension from the Chrome Web Store in just a few clicks. Everything just works.

Tab Sleeping.

By default, every app & tab auto-sleeps after 15 minutes of inactivity. This can be easily customized and includes one-click wake/sleep.

Dark Mode & Themes.

Install any Chrome theme and customize your app icons, border & badge colors.

Keyboard Shortcuts.

Work between all your favorite apps and tabs using the default keyboard shortcuts or customize them to suit how you work.

Password Manager.

Import your passwords from Chrome or use any chrome extensions like Lastpass or 1Password. There’s also an in-built password manager for easy sign-in.

Quick Search.

Having all your work apps and resources in one place means you can easily switch between apps you've used recently, and find what you need.

Focus Mode.

Mute/hide distracting audio, notifications, and unread badges when you need time to focus. Use now or schedule for another time.


Create workspaces to bring together and organize apps/weblinks/files for a particular department, project or team.

Desktop Lock.

Use a pincode or password to lock Wavebox when you're not at your desk.

Webmail Picker.

Click on any email address in Wavebox or on your computer to launch a compose box in the webmail account of your choice.

Screen Share.

Wavebox has built-in remote working tools so you can DM, take a voice or video call and share your screen instantly.

File Share.

Share large files with other Wavebox users. Upload any file from your computer and send it securely in just a few seconds.

I don't know how I managed my client work before - it's a game changer! Their customer support is great. Thank you Wavebox.

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Enjoy one-click chat, calls and screenshare, straight from the browser.

One-click screenshare.

Zoom, Slack, Teams, etc., work great in Wavebox. But when you need to share your screen in just one click to brainstorm ideas across ClickUp, Figma & Drive, there's no more straightforward way than with Connect, our built-in chat, calls, screen & file sharing extension.

Our Chromium platform

Flexible project workspaces.

Use workspaces to bring together web resources for any project. Add links to documents, shortcuts to web apps, sticky notes, desktop notification list and much more. Keep them private or share with a team—you can also use workspaces to create a time-saving new tab page.

Discover workspaces
Flexible workspaces for any project.
From notifications to tab sleeping, you can customize everything in Wavebox.

It's mission control...

...and you're at the helm. From unread badges and sleep settings to tabstrip layouts and icon colors, pretty much everything in our browser is customizable. This is your web, your rules.

Transform how you work

Multiple profiles.

Create individual Wavebox worlds to keep things separate such as work, home, clients, and different businesses. Create as many as you like on one computer and easily switch between them using the Profile manager.

More platform features
Create individual Wavebox worlds to keep things separate such as work, home, clients and different businesses.

Customizable team browser.

Every day your team wastes valuable time hopping between siloed web apps, juggling tabs, and signing in-and-out of accounts just to get stuff done. Empower them with a browser that's customized with your team's tools, so they can focus on work rather than navigation.

Discover Wavebox for Teams
Share workflows with your teammates, and onboard new members of staff quickly using Workspaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Wavebox is a browser based on Chromium (Google's browser platform). It has the same features as other Chromium browsers like Chrome and Edge, but we've added a layer of extra productivity features that allow you to work faster and more efficiently on the web. Wavebox is a new breed of hybrid-browser—browser that's optimized for a particular app or purpose i.e., productivity.

Wavebox is trusted by over 5,000 teams across the globe.


Simply the Best Browser for Business Growth

Optimize all your favorite web apps—they'll work better together in Wavebox.

Wavebox is a fast and efficient client for Slack
Wavebox is a fast and efficient client for Trello
Wavebox is a fast and efficient client for ClickUp
Wavebox is a fast and efficient client for Monday
Wavebox is a fast and efficient client for Airtable
Wavebox is a fast and efficient client for Wrike
macOS | Linux | Windows

Save 90 minutes per day by automating sign-ins and unifying tools.