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Why choose Wavebox instead of Chrome?

Wavebox is a browser for busy people who work every day on the web. It's built to help you work faster across all your essential webapps like Slack, Asana, Monday, and ClickUp. With multi-account sign-in, split-screen, app-to-app linking, and more, Wavebox will boost your productivity from day one.

Wavebox has 5 stars on Trustpilot
Wavebox has 5 stars on Capterra
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Save 90 minutes per day with these productivity wins!

Say goodbye to constant signing in and out, juggling multiple profiles, and searching across layers of tabs. Here are 4 ways that Wavebox will improve your workflow and save you 90 minutes per day.

Automate tasks

Enjoy permanent workflows, auto sign-in, app-to-app linking and custom notifications.

Fast navigation

With an app/tab structure that's fit for purpose, you'll never lose a tab again.

Work in context

Seamless app-to-app working means no more loss of context when completing tasks.

Stay up-to-date

Customizable desktop notifications and unread badges, with focus mode when needed.

Stay signed-in.

Safe and efficient working across every webmail and web app account.

We've nailed the tech behind multiple account sign-in so you can stay signed-in to everything without using profiles or switching browsers. Stay signed-in to all your web apps 24/7, including multiple Gmail, Monday, Asana, or ClickUp accounts etc.

Our Chromium platform
Sign-in once to all your web apps, including multiple Gmail, Monday, Asana or ClickUp accounts.
Replace tab toggling with one intelligent platform that throttles memory on the fly

Blazingly fast.

Go from 0 to 60 apps in under 2 seconds. Wavebox replaces browser switching and tab toggling with one intelligent platform that throttles memory on the fly to give you a fast & flawless performance as you work.

Free 7-day test drive

Intuitive navigation.

Let muscle memory take over. Vertical & horizontal toolbars provide fast access to all your web resources, and the Quick Switch and customizable keyboard shortcuts speed up navigation between everything.

More navigation features
Vertical and horizontal toolbars provide fast access to your every day resources
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We don't run ads, or upsell other services.

An OS in itself

Wayne on Trustpilot

We run the very latest version of Chromium.

I struck GOLD!

Shani on Trustpilot

We love what we do, and offer world-class support.

Smooth, fast & fluid

Phil on Trustpilot

All your web resources, just a keyword search away.

Unified search.

With everything under one roof you can always find what you need. The search covers groups, apps, tabs, bookmarks, pins, widgets (e.g. tasks, sticky notes), smart notes, and workspaces so you'll always find what you need.

More time-saving features
Catch up on everything in just one glance of the Wavebox Mini

Unified webmail and messages.

Stay signed-in to all your webmail and communication apps like Slack, Zoom, Telegram, WhatsApp and Messenger. Badges & notifications will automatically keep you up-to-date, and everything is summarized in the Wavebox Mini, which can be popped-out onto your desktop to use outside of Wavebox.

More time-saving features
Work across Asana, Notion, GitHub and Trello like they're part of the same suite.

Built-in extensions.

As well as supporting all extensions from the Chrome Web Store, Wavebox has over 20+ extensions built-in for essential features like desktop lock, sticky notes, tab sleeping, tab mute, workspaces, tab management and many more. Our extensions are always up-to-date, secure, and included in your Pro subscription.

Explore workspaces & widgets
Compare Features
macOS, Linux, Windows
Parity Chromium releases
All Chrome extension support
Multiple profiles
Password manager
Incognito window
Bookmarks, pinned tabs, tab groups
No tracking
Multiway split-screen
Vertical sidebar
Enhanced keyboard shortcuts
Tab switcher
Ad blocker
Webmail client (built-in)
Multi-account sign-in (containers)
No sponsored links
Unified search
Multiple Gmail, Drive search
App-to-app workflows
Notification manager
Unified unread list
Unified notification list
Enhanced unread badge support
OS (tray) unread count
Extension lock to one account
Install any URL
Visual tab navigator
Webmail picker
Chat, voice/video calls
App & tab sleep manager
Custom new tab page
Sticky notes, task lists, RSS feed
Browser pin/lock
Key: only available with a chrome extension installed.

Wavebox is the best browser I've ever used. It's boosted my productivity with cookie-based containers. It is also fast and less-resource consuming than most browsers. I highly recommend!

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Wavebox vs Desktop Clients

Simply the best desktop client for your webapps.

Desktop clients can be slow, especially if you are running several at a time, plus another browser on top. They are also siloed and don't work well with the web. Wavebox on the other hand, provides a slick and desktop experience for all your favorite webapps like Slack, Monday, GitHub, and ClickUp.

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Easily navigate all your cloud apps using the Wavebox

Built on Chromium

The best platform for web-based working, Chromium is fast, resilient and totally secure.

Easily navigate all your cloud apps using the Wavebox

Always up-to-date

Many apps update their webapps first before the desktop versions. With Wavebox you'll always be up-to-date with the very latest features.

Easily navigate all your cloud apps using the Wavebox

Apps work together

Desktop apps are siloed with no easy way to work between them. Wavebox lets you work seamlessly across them all e.g. click on a Trello link in Slack and it will open in Trello.

Easily navigate all your cloud apps using the Wavebox

Fast & efficient

Running multiple desktop apps, plus Chrome, will drain resources. Wavebox is just one desktop client that allows you to work efficiently across ALL app, and the web.

Easily navigate all your cloud apps using the Wavebox

Latest features

We update within a few days of any Chromium release to ensure that you're always secure. Our frequent release cycle is always packed with user-requested features.

Easily navigate all your cloud apps using the Wavebox

Productivity focus

Wavebox has productivity built-in to the core and every release includes new features requested by users, who are just like you.

Easily navigate all your cloud apps using the Wavebox

Your web, your rules

We understand that every workflow is different, so customization is key. With Wavebox you can customize pretty much everything to suit any workflow.

Easily navigate all your cloud apps using the Wavebox

No ads or tracking

Your subscription means that we don't need to show you ads or promote any sponsored services. Everything you do in Wavebox is 100% your own.

Google, Microsoft and Apple.

With every release, Chrome integrates more with Google Workspaces, and Edge with Microsoft Teams. However, Wavebox supports all ecosystems equally so you can freely work across Gmail, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, Office365, iCloud, and every other app and service you rely on to get work done.

Our platform
Use all your favorite webapps in Wavebox on whatever platform you choose.
Catch up on everything in just one glance of the Wavebox Mini

Quick import from Chrome.

Import your bookmarks so that they're ready for you to organize in Wavebox.

Import your passwords or add your favorite Chrome extension during install e.g. Lastpass.

Need help getting setup? That's no problem. Just send a quick email to support and we'll get you up and running in no time.

The ultimate team browser.

Wavebox transforms how you work online and we've made it super-simple for you to share these benefits with teammates. Create a team and use built-in DM, voice/video calls and screenshare. Then create workspaces to share important apps, websites, links, and workflows with your team. Workspaces are also a great way to onboard new people to your organization.

More about teams
Enjoy one-click chat, calls and screenshare, straight from the browser.

Wavebox is trusted by over 5,000 teams across the globe.

macOS | Linux | Windows

Get more from your favorite web apps by switching to Wavebox.