Whatever web tools you use, Wavebox brings them neatly together in one focused place.

Wavebox is a Chrome alternative for people who work every day with email, productivity, workflow, and collaboration tools on the web. It offers a new way of working by replacing tabbing and logging in-and-out with a single central workspace. Delighted Wavebox users across the globe are streamlining their workflows, and working faster and smarter than ever before. Why not join them?

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Wavebox unified workspace for Linux, macOS and Windows

All the platforms

You can install Wavebox across all major platforms: Linux, Windows and macOS.  
Wavebox unified workspace connects with anything that has a URL

All your web stuff

You can connect unlimited apps, services, websites and links. Search our directory or just paste in a URL.
Wavebox supports all Chrome extensions

All your extensions

Use all your favourite Chrome extensions like LastPass, Zoom, Salesforce and HubSpot. 
Wavebox supports pdf viewing, screen sharing, Google Hangouts.

All the features

All your connected apps work just as they do in Chrome: pdfs, screen sharing, video calls (Hangouts, Skype) etc.

15 Wavebox features to boost your productivity.

Connect all your apps 

Install on your computer and connect your apps, tools, websites and links. Choose from light & dark mode or add any Chrome theme so it looks just right.

Central dashboard

One central view of all your connected apps. Create new workflows using Collections, and get a real-time report on new activity across everything.

Groups & toolbars

Create a group in the sidebar and add as many links as you like. Then happily toggle between them to create lightning fast workflows!

Chrome Web Store

If you reply on extensions then you’ll need them in Wavebox.  You can add any extension using the in-app link to the Chrome Web Store.

Multiple account login

All apps and services can be securely sandboxed using ‘Profiles’ meaning that Wavebox is perfect for managing multiple accounts of the same type.

Quick search

The address bar gives quick access for hopping around the app and visiting different sites on the web.

‘Recents’ and ‘Pins’

Move your mouse over any app to bring up a menu of recent activity. Simply click on the ‘pin’ icon next to any item to save it to the menu.

Mute notifications

Customise notification settings for each app. There’s also a ‘snooze’ and ‘mute’ mode for when you need time to focus.

Save memory with sleep

Use ‘sleep’ settings to manage your computer’s memory. Choose to auto-sleep apps after 5 mins of no activity for the best results.

Browser windows & tabs

Pop-out any link into a separate window to work side-by-side or on multiple monitors.  All browser windows also feature tabs.

Desktop privacy lock

Popping away from your desk for a minute? No problem.  Hit the desktop lock icon and Wavebox is password protected until you return.

Dark mode & themes

Select the standard light or dark mode, or download a theme from the Chrome Web Store to make Wavebox suit your mood.

Auto-fill passwords

Wavebox supports Chrome password extensions, but also has an in-built password manager for you to use.


Import your favourite bookmarks from Chrome, and also create new bookmarks from any browser window on the fly.

Manage downloads

All downloads appear at the bottom of your Wavebox window. Click ‘Show All’ to manage your downloads in a new window.

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Everything just works in Wavebox.

We’ve worked hard to ensure that Wavebox provides the complete browser experience for all your web tools. Wavebox is built on a Chromium foundation, so everything just works – including pdf printing, screen sharing, Google Hangouts and Google docs offline.  Here are a few more features we guarantee you will like:

Wavebox works faster than chrome

Wavebox optimizes computer performance.

Wavebox uses 86% less memory than traditional browser tabs by ‘sleeping’ your apps when not in use.

Wavebox works for managing multiple gmail accounts

Manage multiple Gmails with account profiles.

We scope security so data is always correctly contained. Apps are sandboxed when needed, using profiles to support multiple app sign-ins e.g. GSuites, Slacks, Trellos.

Wavebox is a secure workspace for your web tools

A secure unified workspace for all your web tools.

Wavebox cleverly utilizes your computer’s available memory so that it works faster and leaner than other browsers.

Enjoy a better way of working on the web.

All Wavebox downloads start with a fully featured free trial of Pro for 7 days. After that, you can continue to use Wavebox Basic for free or subscribe to Pro on a plan that suits your budget.

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