Wavebox is a powerful browser that's built for work


Wavebox is a powerful productivity browser for individuals and teams who work every day on the web. It replaces manual tabbing, browser switching, and signing in-and-out of cloud accounts with a faster, more focused way of working.

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Uniquely Wavebox

What's special about the Wavebox platform?

Custom Link Opening

Click on a Trello link in Slack, it opens in the Trello app.

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Cookie Containers

Every tab, app and group belongs to a container for secure sandboxing.

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Wavebox Mini

Customizable list of new items and notifications across every tab in Wavebox.

More productivity features

Wavebox Navigator

A real-time visual site-map of all your tabs, arranged by CPU usuage.

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Wavebox Connect

One-click, end-to-end encrypted voice and video calling, plus screen-share.

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Built-in Extensions

A growing library of Chrome extension-like widgets e.g.sticky notes, task lists and RSS feed.

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The Verge testimonial

"Wavebox is one of those rare, do-everything apps that can really cut down on browser tab clutter and help you centralize your app management"

TechRepublic testimonial

"If you’re looking to bring together some of your cloud-based tools into one, easy-to-use and configurable application, Wavebox might be exactly what you need"

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Wavebox USPs

Our browser means business. Why is Wavebox different?

Live & Proven

Zero vapourware here. Install today & be blown away.

Everything Works

Spend time working & not reporting bugs.

Expert Support

Our support team are diligent, kind & super-friendly.

Secure & Resilient

We update within a few days of any Chromium release.

In-House Dev

We have a team of talented UK-based Chromium developers.


Every release includes new user-requested features.


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Wavebox Logo - Black with Strapline


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Rgb: 0, 174, 239



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Rgb: 128, 77, 217

Wavebox is the only Chromium browser that's been built specifically for optimizing today's complex online working environments.

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Think Inside the Box

Everyday, Wavebox transforms how busy professionals work online. Read more genuine 5-star reviews on Trustpilot and Capterra and catch up with our Wavebox in the Wild stories.
Pure genius.

Pure genius!

Dario on Capterra

Simplifies my workflow

Simplifies my workflow

Matt on Capterra

Best alternative browser

Best alt browser

Palash on Capterra

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Wavebox in the Wild.

From cartoon animators to medical researchers, Wavebox is powering productivity for individuals and teams across the globe. Click on an avatar to find out how Wavebox has completely transformed how people work on the web.

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