Productivity powerhouse and worth every penny!

Neil Sisson on Trustpilot

Busy people everywhere are saving time and regaining focus with Wavebox. It's our vision to transform the humble browser into a powerful tool that will boost your productivity. Are you ready to spend your days in Wavebox?

Northern Light Village used Wavebox to manage over 40 different web apps and services. Read the case study.

Northern Lights Village

This very cool organization uses Wavebox to give team members single access to all their cloud apps. They set up shared groups for Sales, Reception, and Management departments, which included around 40 different cloud apps, including an Aurora Borealis forecast website.

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Learn how graphic design agency Vaulter use Wavebox everyday.


Running a creative agency efficiently requires the use of many tools, and there are 3 reasons Australian creative agency Vaulter uses Wavebox every single day. Learn how Wavebox has revolutionized the way Vaulter handles project management.

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The Verge testimonial

Wavebox is one of those rare, do-everything apps that can really cut down on browser tab clutter and help you centralize your app management.

Nick Statt, The Verge

TechRepublic testimonial

If you’re looking to bring together some of your cloud-based tools into one, easy-to-use and configurable application, Wavebox might be exactly what you need.

Jack Wallen, TechRepublic

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Wavebox testimonial

The Software just works, it does what it says and it is constantly and consistently updated with new features. Wavebox is a productivity boon that is very well integrated with many options to fine-tune according to one's needs. Definitely Excellent in my book.

Michelle on Trustpilot.

Wavebox testimonial

One of the few paid subscription app I use. It’s just worth it. It save me ton of my time, has best user experience and functionalities compare to all other competetors (trust me.. I have tried all of them). Support is great too.

Varun Agrawal on Trustpilot.

Wavebox testimonial

Love WaveBox! I had been a Franz user, also tried Rambox and Station. WB is far more polished and supported. Important enough to my daily workflow that I purchased a license.

Kenny Schiff on Trustpilot.

Wavebox testimonial

I started looking for products like Wavebox because I was 1) sick of having too many tabs open and 2) I wanted to ditch my external monitor. I learned about Wavebox and gave it a shot. I liked it so much that I upgraded within the first 30 minutes of using it.

Neeti Chokshi on Trustpilot.

Wavebox testimonial

Wavebox has changed my life! I was so tired of having multiple tabs open and getting lost in them. Wavebox is clean, simple, and efficient. They have all the apps you need like slack, asana, etc and plenty more! Definitely will get the pro version. Recommend it to all!

Pooja Zaveri.

Wavebox testimonial

Was trying to look for an all in one for my messages at first and have tried others (Franz) but Wavebox has surpassed my expectations, integrating other tools and apps. Also, great UI/UX + customer service. Worth the investment!

Lauren Pong on Trustpilot.

Wavebox testimonial

I always thought this app was awesome from the first time I used it, but I didn't fully realise how much more productive I am with it, until I was without it for a day of work. It's a literally productivity powerhouse and worth every penny of the cost.

Neil Sisson on Trustpilot.

Wavebox testimonial

I've been using Wavebox off and on for a while, and the latest version has been stellar. Having the full Chromium experience, while also having the unique features that Wavebox provides has been nothing but a smooth and pleasant experience.

Jim Reevior on Trustpilot.

Wavebox testimonial

I can't tell you how awesome Wavebox is! It's a game-changer! I have used similar platforms that just bogged down my system, a $200 refurbished Linux laptop, but Wavebox just screams along! I use Wavebox all day long and rarely am I leaving it anymore! I just love this system!

Dale Thomas on Trustpilot.

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